Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK)

Application-Level Data Services for Kubernetes

NDK simplifies and unifies provisioning and operating cloud-native applications by extending enterprise data services to containerized apps.

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Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes

Faster time to value with
app-level data services

Accelerate application provisioning

Stop managing containers. Move operations up to the application level. Define, manage, protect, and migrate applications and namespaces.

Easy deployment

Define the application and namespace, the governance policy and a protection plan while providing data services in minutes.

Unify application management at scale

Define application-level attributes for persistent storage features and resiliency, such as performance, availability, encryption, compression.

Reduce risk through
simplification and unification

Reduce operations risk

Policy-driven management for stateful applications ensures governance and standardization across all applications.

Simplify through a unified dashboard

Capacity planning and role-based access control from one dashboard.

No new developer tools

Easily extend your Kubernetes CLI (kubectl) and APIs, which eliminates the need for additional training and tools.

Enable a cloud operating model

Delegate infrastructure to Kubernetes admins.

Accelerate app deployment with policy-based guardrails that enable automation workflows and reduce the dependency to provision infrastructure.

Enable Self-Service

Create application policies that intelligently drive complicated self-service operations for data backup and disaster recovery.

App and namespace mobility

Extend on-premises to cloud without complex tools, synchronization, or manual restoration of containers and app/namespace metadata.

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