XPAND: Your Demand Launch Pad

Learn how to use XPAND and start generating demand

Introduction to Xpand
Xpand Rocket

The XPAND partner demand center is a launch pad to drive your Nutanix digital marketing strategy, increase sales pipeline, and augment your brand

Partner XTRIBE Challenges

Get rewarded for executing campaigns in XPAND!

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Video Library

Our training shows you how to make the most of XPAND. Whether you are customizing a digital marketing campaign or downloading content, we will teach you how to connect with your audience and build sales pipeline.

Upload a List

All good marketing starts with a solid customer base. Upload your contacts and start executing campaigns.

Connect Your CRM

Simplify lead management. Connect your company’s CRM to push and pull sales data.

Campaign Activation

Make it your own. Activate and customize digital marketing campaigns and build sales pipeline.

Email Workflows

Email is vital. Customize your email workflow today to nurture prospects and customers.

Content Syndication

Convert inbound leads into customers. Syndicate Nutanix content directly to your website.

Social Syndication

Keep the conversation going. Connect your social accounts and activate automated content streams.

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