Private Cloud

Simplicity by Design, Scalability on Your Terms.

Realize the control, security, and privacy you need—without sacrificing the flexibility you want. Get set to launch into the hybrid cloud era with a mature, high-performing private cloud.

Fast-Track To Hybrid Cloud Start With A Private Cloud, On Your Terms

The marketplace of IT is fast and unforgiving, with 52% of Fortune 500 companies gone since 2000. Without a doubt, digital transformation is a necessity, but many businesses are held back by complex, multi-tiered infrastructure. See how to break down the silos, bring the cloud inside, and maintain ultimate control—with ultimate simplicity.

The Design Principles of Nutanix Private Cloud

As you plan your private cloud deployment, you're likely prioritizing a few things: simplicity, scalability, and security, to name a few. Familiarize yourself with the key design elements of the Nutanix solution, and see how its native protection, consolidated services, and intelligent automation make it a top choice.

Your Cloud Has Your Back … Go Be Great

A Cloud that Tirelessly Works for You

Deploy in hours, update, and scale without disruption. Run all your VM-based and cloud-native applications, databases and services. Store, govern and deliver all your organization's data.

Effortless Automation Everywhere

Let intelligent automation powered by machine learning optimize performance and resource utilization for you. Expose anomalies and automatically resolve them with playbooks.

Less Wasted Time, More Control

Free yourself from the burden of IT tickets; empower end-users to self-serve from a marketplace while you retain control over user access, allocated resources and deployed instances.

Secure & Resilient All the Time

Rely on encryption, microsegmentation, and automated compliant checks, combined with built-in backup and disaster recovery to keep your business safe and always-on.

Complete Freedom of Choice

Avoid vendor lock in and stay in control. Choose hardware and virtualization software that best suit your business’s needs, and scale only when needed.

Obsessive Customer Service

Place your trust in a team that is obsessed with your success. Nutanix serves companies globally, has a 97% customer satisfaction rating, and an average of +90 NPS for over 5 years.

The Ideal Foundation for Hybrid Cloud

It’s a hybrid world out there! To thrive, you’ll need a powerful foundation. Start with a hyperconverged infrastructure-powered private cloud, extend your environment to hosted or public clouds, and unify your management and operations for a seamless, high-performing hybrid cloud. The result? You’ll maintain the security of your private cloud and gain the flexible scalability you need to support ever-growing business requirements.

World-Class Customer Support

Your business is in good hands. With a 90+ NPS score for 5 years running, a 97% satisfaction rating, and 14,000+ customers, we’ve got you covered.

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