IT Solutions for K-12 & Higher Education

In education today, institutions are seeking flexible, adaptable IT that enables them to be responsive and agile in their operations within the confines of their budgets. For that, Nutanix delivers.

Do you need to enable your students to continue their education remotely?

work from home

We can help with quick, secure, cost-effective virtual desktops.
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Centralize IT & Apps for Education

Learn how DaaS can simplify your IT management while helping you enhance the learning experience for students.

Meet Education’s Unique Challenges

Rely on Flexible IT at Lower TCO

Take advantage of highly adaptable infrastructure to meet the challenges of modern education: from online testing, to BYOD adoption, to increased school data access, to the surge in learning apps and instructional videos, institutions are having to do much more with their IT while meeting ever-tighter budgets.

Make Virtual Desktops Available Across Your Institution

Xi Frame gives you everything you need to deliver browser-based desktops and applications, without any of the hassle. Deliver apps in any HTML5-capable browser, without a data center. Leverage integrations with popular identity, network, and storage solutions from leading vendors to give end users just what they need, when they need it.

Virtualize Your IT

By virtualizing server applications and traditional desktops, educational institutions can efficiently use their infrastructure, provide a consistent user experience with optimized application performance, and simplify management for IT administrators. Nutanix made it easy.

All Your IT Resources, Together

Realize cost savings and get predictable scalability for all types of virtual workloads by integrating compute and storage with Nutanix.

Turnkey Solution

Deploy responsive infrastructure for virtual desktops and applications, without the variable performance and risk of conventional solutions.

Low Cost-to-Start

Start with small deployments and grow incrementally into very large installations, thanks to a modular design. Perfect for school districts and universities.

Validated Workloads

Enjoy validated solutions for business critical apps such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, SQL Server, VDI, LMS, and SIS that provide flexibility and faster time to deployment.

Low Cost-to-Run

Gain operational efficiency with simplified management, a small footprint, and low cooling and power costs.

Hypervisor Choice

Run the hypervisor of your choice based on budget and preference, including our native, license-free hypervisor, AHV.

Secure Operations

Protect student and staff data proactively with built-in security and compliance management.

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