Hybrid Multicloud

A hybrid multicloud solution that works

Nutanix hybrid multicloud enables you to meet your cloud needs by extending an on-premises environment seamlessly into the public cloud, making it more agile, scalable, efficient, and cost effective.

The Platform for Hybrid Multicloud

Nutanix Cloud Platform: One Platform for Hybrid Multicloud

Ensure Business Continuity with a Hybrid Multicloud Strategy

Freedom of choice

Meet your organization’s needs by having the freedom to back-up your workloads anywhere; on-premises, in edge locations, in the public cloud, or a completely managed DRaaS.

Build resiliency

Minimize downtime and reduce overhead cost by automating service restoration from a single unified platform.

Elasticity and flexibility

Quickly recover or expand to different geographical regions, in minutes by bursting into public clouds to support your secondary datacenter needs.

Nutanix UI of the Leap dashboard

Cloud smart applications and workloads

Nutanix UI for Clusters AWS Govcloud

Enable enterprise applications with choice of cloud

Run Business-critical apps and databases, VDI, ROBO, Cloud Native, Big Data/Analytics, and more on a single platform, with a choice of cloud

Modernize applications without risk

Update legacy applications without retooling and connect natively to hybrid multicloud services

Refactoring: a thing of the past

Move applications between private and public clouds without replatforming or refactoring, and with full visibility of costs

 On-Demand Elasticity with Hybrid Multicloud Solution

Nutanix Beam UI showing budgeting dashboard

Modernize applications without risk

Move applications between private and public clouds without retooling or rearchitecting, integrate seamlessly with AI/ML and other cloud services and refactor at your own pace.

Accelerate application development

Build, run and manage container-based apps all from the same platform and deliver essential cloud native services to developers in lock step with their needs.

Unified management plane

Have a unified management plane that allows you to manage any workload in any cloud, without the complexity of management silos.

Nutanix is Trusted By 20,000+ Customers

Embracing a more cost-effective and secure way of delivering desktops to its employees, Nedbank leverages Nutanix to scale desktop environment to the cloud.

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust migrates critical healthcare datacentre to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for immediate scalability gains plus long-term flexibility on journey to Hybrid Cloud.

Robert Gordon University Deploys Nutanix Frame To Deliver Virtual Desktops And Apps To Remote Schools And Graduate Apprentices.

Our ecosystem

Whether you are thinking of hosting workloads on-premises, in the private cloud, at edge locations or in the public cloud, Nutanix offers a wide range of partnerships that can help navigate change and unlock the future together. From strong technology alliances, service providers and system integrator partnerships, Nutanix helps you build, run and manage the right hybrid and multicloud strategy.


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