Remote & Branch Office

Power your remote, branch, and edge sites with IT solutions from Nutanix.

Lower IT infrastructure cost, complexity, and the need for specialized personnel in remote and edge sites as you run all of a branch office’s local applications, virtual desktops, and services securely on a single, hyperconverged platform.

Consolidate on a Single Platform


Nutanix Enterprise Cloud enables you to run locally with maximum efficiency. Consolidate all your workloads on Nutanix as you reduce infrastructure footprint, power, and cooling. Avoid costly upgrades by utilizing standard branch office power and networking infrastructure, and deliver enhanced local data protection—without the need for skilled on-site resources.

Make it One-click

Reduce complex IT tasks, like non-disruptive upgrades, to a single click, freeing teams to work on other value-add projects.

Centralized Analytics

Aggregate health and usage statistics across multiple sites and drill down for details on individual locations.

Network Visualization

Get a real-time visual representation of network connections and traffic flows.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Advantage

Deliver predictable performance and scalability for a wide variety of applications and workloads with a standardized, repeatable, and cost-effective solution.

Full Stack Solution

Eliminate silos with integrated storage, compute, networking, and virtualization packaged in 1, 2, 3 or more node solutions.

Flexible Protection Options

Setup automatic failover of remote sites to your main data center, or make a remote site also your DR site.

Out-of-the-box Deployment

Deploy all remote virtual apps and desktops in hours not days—from your centralized management interface.

Scheduled Upgrades

Provide automatic, scheduled upgrades to your entire fleet of remote & branch offices with a single click.

Management Analytics

Enjoy actionable insights from Prism to optimize virtualization, management, and everyday operations.

Self-healing Capabilities

Rest easy with rapid fault isolation and resolution using built-in diagnostics and intelligence.

Meet the Unique Needs of your Remote & Branch Office Teams

Many IT teams are tempted to deploy the same conventional infrastructure they use in corporate data centers for remote offices and other edge locations. But legacy infrastructure is usually a bad fit for these small environments. Find out how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides a full-stack solution with zero compromises.


Small Form Factor & Ruggedized Solutions for ROBO and Edge

Nutanix has solutions for a variety of ROBO situations, including those constrained by the lack of space, power, and the required IT skills. Short depth 1U1N mini-ROBO solutions can be mounted in a telco rack or in or under a table and provide the same Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure-based cloud experience. Available as an NX appliance in the NX-1120S and as software only on select OEM systems from HPE, Lenovo and Dell EMC.

Extend Remote & Branch Office Capabilities

54% lower TCO for ROBO locations

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Dig into considerations for ROBO sites

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Nutanix Product UI of Dashboard

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