Consolidate data availability & management with a turnkey platform

Move to integrated, intelligent data management with Nutanix Mine Platform. Unify your primary and secondary data protection operations, enable cloud-like scalability, and deliver one-click simplicity for all of your backup infrastructure.

Up-level Your Primary and Secondary Data Protection to Next-Gen

Forget piecemeal, costly backup solutions that involve separate management, software, and three-tier infrastructure. In concert with leading backup storage vendors, Nutanix Mine is a turnkey hyperconverged backup solution that’s built on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform. Mine is highly-available and highly-scalable—it arrives pre-loaded with backup software and is already optimized for backup.

Powered by Veeam Cloud  Data Management

The first iteration of Nutanix Mine integrates the rich data management services of simple-to-use Veeam software for reduced data protection time and complexity across the datacenter and cloud. Deploy to your infrastructure in hours instead of days, ensuring protection of all your virtualized workloads and data while providing faster time to value and lower TCO.

New Resource Consulting

Nutanix Mine with Veeam runs like a champ. It brings everything together in a single simple HCI product that quickly deploys into any environment. We can go from proposal, to planning, and into production very quickly with a proven solution for integrated cloud data management.

-  Chris Hippensteel, Network System Administrator

Nutanix Mine with HYCU Next-Gen Data Protection

Nutanix Mine with HYCU is a hyper-converged backup solution with the Nutanix platform strength, plus HYCU’s natively integrated backup service for one-click data protection and simplified secondary storage.

Additional Data Protection Vendors to Come

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