Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure

AOS Storage

Distributed Storage System for All of Your Workloads

Replace your SAN and NAS with highly-automated, hyperconverged storage that scales with your data.


Scalable, Resilient, High Performance Distributed Storage for All of Your Workloads

Move beyond the limitations of traditional SAN and NAS storage. Nutanix AOS is the scale-out storage technology that makes HCI possible, delivering enterprise-grade capabilities via a highly distributed software architecture.

How AOS Storage Works



Powerful Enterprise Storage
Capabilities for All of Your Data

Nutanix UI for Clusters AWS Govcloud

High performance storage system

Distributed data processing and local access to modern high performance storage media like NVMe and Optane drive high bandwidth and low latency that won’t degrade over time.
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Resilient and secure storage platform

Utilizing advanced distributed software algorithms, AOS Storage protects data against everything from bit rot and hardware failure to physical theft and total site failure.
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Flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure

Easily size and deploy infrastructure at any scale, for any workload, and scale out quickly. Mix and match hardware configurations seamlessly, so you can adapt over time.
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Powerful Data Storage for
Your Most Demanding Apps


Nutanix is Trusted by 20,000+ Customers

"The difference between working with traditional infrastructure and Nutanix is night and day. I don’t think any other technology platform would enable us to accomplish all of our IT and corporate goals as easily as we can with Nutanix."

- Tony Vargas, VP/CIO,
Adventist Risk Management

"We’re operating in a much more agile environment, and Nutanix is helping us do that. We can quickly try out new experiments and innovate ideas we think our customers will love. It’s also a very flexible platform. No matter what type of workload we want to use, we can quickly deploy it to Nutanix and then get it out in front of our customers and see what they think."

-Ken Shaffer, Assistant Vice President for Enterprise Systems, CarMax

"Nutanix HCI delivers the performance, stability, and create ease of use that we need to maximize agility and establish a flexible, scalable foundation for digital transformation."

- Xu Haiqing, Director of Information Management Department, Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.

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