Nutanix Unified Storage

Unified Data Services Platform for Core, Edge and Cloud 

Software-defined storage unifying file, object and block storage. Offers rich data services such as analytics, lifecycle management, cyber security, and data protection. 

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Nutanix Unified Storage offers tremendous business value

Nutanix customers are realizing significant value by leveraging Nutanix Unified Storage, as IDC projects a value worth an annual average of $2.36 million per organization, which would result in a five-year ROI of 421%

Unify your storage landscape

One Software-Defined Platform for Apps and Data

Consolidate data services

Unify the deployment, management, and protection of file, block, and object protocols with snapshots, replication, and DR services, eliminating complexity and cost of siloed architectures.

Simplified management

Unified management, One-click upgrades, seamless expansion, consumer-grade management, and extension into the public cloud with an identical operating model, all managed by storage generalists

Scale with performance

Scale performance with capacity to help customers tackle unpredictable data growth. Start as small as 1 TiB and grow to multi-PB without elaborate planning and extend to cloud for multi-cluster and multi-site environments.

Ransomware protection
with security-first design

Detect, block, and monitor suspicious activity before it’s too late

Nutanix Data Lens provides deep insights into unstructured data to protect against threats. Detect, block, and monitor suspicious activity and prevent attacks.

Achieve storage and cost efficiency with tiering 

Identify storage inefficiencies,freeing up significant storage space and saving you money. With data lifecycle capabilities, tier, retain, or delete data based on enterprise policies.

Audit and achieve compliance

Audit and review user activity and stay compliant with regulatory requirements with the help of Nutanix Data Lens.

Powered by rich data services

Your critical workloads are always available

Nutanix meets the IOPS needs of your most demanding applications. Optimize price/performance with any mix of spinning, flash, and high-performance NVMe and RDMA storage media.

Maximize the utilization of all your resources

Nutanix Unified Storage delivers zero suppression, compression, deduplication, and erasure coding to ensure that you get the most out of all available resources.

A highly elastic multi-cloud storage fabric

Scale out and scale up storage with no disruptions and no performance loss. Adapt easily to data growth and make efficient use of your budget across datacenters and clouds.

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Nutanix is trusted by 24,000+ customers

"We were especially struggling with complex storage management operations. We had more image-intensive studies, larger image sizes, and new modalities that lead to a growing data footprint and increasing data management challenges – from adding capacity and scaling performance."

Jim Levy, Manager, IT Infrastructure Services, UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center

"Our video surveillance system is important to physical security on campus, and we often need to add capacity and bandwidth. Nutanix makes it easy to grow the system and provide more resources as they are needed."

Jeff Blomendahl, IT Manager, University of Kansas Medical Center

"Our Tier-1 team in India has been able to manage the Nutanix platform very effectively for us. Other parts of the legacy SAN environment, they don't touch at all; it's too complicated. They manage Nutanix and do it very well. Many of them have become trained on Nutanix and certified"

Erik Dahlgren, Director of Cloud System Operations at Bottomline

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