Your window into multicloud management

Simplify management of your hybrid multicloud platform, networks, applications and data, anywhere.

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One view

Monitor everything from one console

Understand your entire environment, from storage, compute, and networking infrastructure, to virtual machines and containers, seamlessly and easily.

Unified application switcher

Seamlessly navigate across Nutanix Cloud Platform functions, features, applications, and dashboards on one screen.

Visualize all your networks

Holistic views of all networks and their configurations, allowing for simple and fast management of your apps, including VMs or containers.

Automate, scale, secure

Simplified data control

Intuitive app-centric workflows help you manage all your data-intensive tasks for storage deployment, scaling, data protection, and more.

Defined application lifecycles

Comprehensive workflows help define the lifecycles of VMs, containers, or logical apps, from creation and initial placement, to IP network configuration, protection, and migration.

A platform for everyone

Built-in self-service capabilities give your users the freedom to provision their own resources at the click of a button.

AI-driven insights

Machine learning alerting

Create policies to be aware of alerts using localized machine-learning for entities such as cluster, host, containers or groups of entities.

Root cause analysis

Receive rich summaries for alerts including probable cause and most likely resolution, making your help desk more efficient

Resource scheduling

Leverage automated intelligent placement of applications including optimized performance using dynamic load balancing of all platform resources.

How Prism works

Nutanix Prism is a multicloud management interface and unified control plane that simplifies and streamlines management of all environments running on the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Prism homescreen

Prism is elegant, intuitive, and accessible

Prism experience

Discover and manage your Nutanix applications easily even across clouds.

Infrastructure views

Data protection views

Prism aggregates all your data protection configurations and information including remote sites and protection domains.

Security views

The Prism Security Dashboard allows you to receive a dynamic summary of the security posture across all registered clusters and critical security parameters like STIG policy compliance, security hardening, identified vulnerabilities and more.

Networking views

Prism provides a holistic view of all networks and their configurations, allowing for simple and fast management of VMs or containers.

Nutanix is trusted by 25,000+ customers

"Prism allows us to centrally manage our storage, compute, and hypervisor with a single management pane. As a result, troubleshooting and management tasks that used to take hours, take just minutes with Nutanix."

- Dane Sandersen, Global Security and Infrastructure Director, Trek Bikes

"Troubleshooting is much easier with Nutanix because of the great visibility we get with the Prism interface...With Nutanix, we can now focus on delivering services to our business units, not managing our datacenter."

- Ravi Misra, Chief Information Officer, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit

"Over the past few years, we have migrated our operations to several clusters throughout North America. These 11 clusters are 100 percent Nutanix, with no other infrastructure. Standardizing on the Nutanix solution has enabled us to dramatically reduce TCO, while helping us make our operations more efficient."

- Guillaume Brocard, Senior Operations Advisor, Total

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