Easily Enable End User Computing

Utilize elastic capacity on demand, take advantage of End User Computing (EUC) and cloud disaster recovery for a hybrid cloud experience.

Traditional End User Computing (EUC) infrastructure isn’t up to the challenge of providing a modern experience. Poorly designed implementations pose security, business continuity and disaster recovery risks. Up until now, EUC projects have been complex and slow, CapEx intensive, and unpredictable.

Nutanix solves the challenges of traditional virtual desktop and application implementations. Whether you decide to run your virtual desktops and apps in the cloud or in the data center, deploy end user applications up to 8x faster with Nutanix.


Why run VDI and DaaS on Nutanix?

Centralize End-User Computing Management


Consistently great user-experience scaling from hundreds to thousands of end users plus 1-click infrastructure upgrades.

Enable BYOD with End-User Computing


Increase operations velocity, reduce deployment time by 61% and spend 2/3rd less time on management.

Secure End-User Data & Files


Prevent cyber threats and data theft by enabling access to company data without end user local access.

Secure End-User Data & Files

Business Continuity/DR

Quickly provision secondary workspaces if disaster strikes and ensure that your employees are able to remain productive.

Working From Anywhere with Nutanix EUC


Years of EUC Experience


of Customers


of Users

The American Red Cross

"On top of the Nutanix solution we built our virtual workplace solution. The virtual workplace solution provides anywhere, anytime access to virtual desktops and virtual applications for end users to really support the mission of The American Red Cross."

- Adam Flowers, Lead Solutions Architect, The American Red Cross


End User Computing for Dummies

Armies of employees are demanding the ability to use any device they want from anywhere in the world. Learn how to make BYOD a reality.

Desktop-as-a-Service on 4 Different Cloud Platforms in 3 Minutes

VDI vs DaaS: How Do You Choose?

Future of Work: VDI and DaaS Will be Critical

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Deploying from the data center leveraging an installed broker? We recommend pursuing VDI. We offer a virtual desktops and applications solution for both Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and VMware Horizon.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

If you’re deploying from the cloud via a managed broker, our recommendation would be to pursue DaaS.

End User Computing
Solutions Available on Nutanix

Get the performance benefits of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for industry-leading EUC solutions.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Nutanix End User Computing Solutions

Download the Forrester TEI report to learn what Nutanix solutions for EUC could do for your organization.


Offering VDIaaS with Our Partners


Wipro virtuadesk™ Powered by Nutanix

This is a flexible, fully managed solution based on an appliance model with best-of-breed components and guaranteed SLAs to support workplace mobility and modernization. It takes advantage of cloud architecture principles and the latest infrastructure to create a high-performance, secure, and cost-effective way of delivering virtual desktops and applications. Powered by Nutanix, this solution integrates hardware, software, and managed services; is offered via a “pay as you grow” model and can be deployed either on premises or hosted in the cloud. 

Learn more about Wipro virtuadesk™ powered by Nutanix.

Trusted by Industry Leaders of All Sizes


"Before Nutanix, we were averaging a 171-second login time, which is a ridiculous wait if you’re a provider,” said Nathaniel. “After migrating our databases to Nutanix, it now takes us less than 19 seconds to access an EMR application. Our staff can meet or exceed their workload expectations, and see more patients per day. Nutanix was the best choice I made as a CIO."

- Isaiah Nathaniel, Chief Information Officer, Delaware Valley Community Health


"By moving to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform, we gained the confidence to virtualize our internal control system (ICS). Nutanix is enabling us to break new ground in the U.S. lottery industry."

- Jeff Patchen, CIO, Maryland Lottery

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