The Total Economic Impact™ Of Nutanix For End-User Computing Solutions

Running EUC on Nutanix netted 123% ROI with an 8 month payback period

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Before 2020, end-user computing (EUC) technologies were purchased as a tactical solution, but the COVID-19 pandemic made EUC a survival strategy. Virtual desktops enable work from anywhere to be scalable and manageable, and virtualization has become a tier-one solution for many CIOs as hybrid work has become the norm. In 2023, organizations are focused on empowering hybrid work scenarios with a greater focus on employee experience, security, cost effectiveness, stability, and performance.

Forrester Consulting recently interviewed four Nutanix customers to better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with deploying a Nutanix EUC solution instead of using traditional 3-tier architectures. In this Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Nutanix, Forrester found that for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers, a Nutanix solution offered:

  • 97% faster provisioning time
  • Provides a three year benefit with a $42.1 million net present value
  • Has an 8 month payback period

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