Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure

Nutanix HCI Solution

Standardize on powerful and secure hyperconverged infrastructure to deliver all applications and data at any scale, on any cloud.

HCI Storage

AOS HCI Storage

Consistently high performance

Accelerate your most demanding applications with consistent and predictable performance. Data locality maximise the benefits of the latest hardware advances like NVMe and RDMA.

Foolproof resiliency

Data is protected and kept available with advanced distributed consistency algorithms that protect against everything from bit rot and hardware failures to entire site failure.

Unmatched flexibility

Storage can be sized precisely for your needs and expanded quickly and easily as needs grow. Storage policies are applied logically on a per-workload basis, instead of being tied to hardware.

Flexible and Open Compute

Hypervisor choice

Choose from the leading hypervisors, VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper‑V, or leverage the lightweight but powerful built-in hypervisor AHV.

Powerful integrated virtualisation

AHV streamlines operations and simplifies automation. Powerful and lightweight, it is easy to learn and migrate to, and is optimised for high performance and reliability.

Cloud-native Kubernetes

Build and deploy cloud-native applications on intelligent distributed infrastructure and integrate with cloud compatible storage, all within the same platform.

Nutanix AHV

Automated and Secure Networking

HCI Security


Prevent malware spread and reduce attack surfaces by limiting applications to only what’s needed, and keep things simple by leveraging machine learning to determine the right configuration.

Virtual networking

Securely and easily implement robust multi-tenancy in your environment, or stretch networks across clouds for seamless workload migration and failover.

Centralised network management

Manage networking configurations centrally and apply across your HCI environment with simple and robust virtual switch management.

Nutanix Cloud Manager

A unified solution for providing intelligent operations, self-service and orchestration, security compliance and visibility, and control of cloud costs

Deployment Options

From sweeping datacenter upgrades to the smallest ROBO deployments, there’s a configuration that fits your needs.

Software options

Nutanix HCI solution includes a full set of enterprise capabilities so you can modernise your cloud infrastructure without giving up any of your favourite features.

Hardware platforms

Deploy NCI software on a wide range of highly configurable server form factors from your favourite server manufacturers.

Other Capabilities


Integrated disaster recovery

Protect your workloads and data from disaster by replicating to other HCI clusters or to the cloud.

Full stack life-cycle management

Upgrade your cloud infrastructure with a single click. Starting from the firmware, automate full-stack rolling upgrades, including third-party hypervisors.

VMware on Nutanix

Modernize your VMware environment without compromise. Nutanix integrates seamlessly with existing VMware deployments for a smooth transition.

Intelligent Operations

Manage your global infrastructure centrally, and gain AI driven insights into how your services are performing.

Nutanix HCI Solution is Trusted by 20,000+ Customers

"The Nutanix Cloud Platform ticked all our boxes. It’s simple, scalable and easy to manage, plus inherently resilient and packed with tools to build the secure and always available IT infrastructure needed to cope with the demands of a fast-paced growing business. Beyond that too, Nutanix is famed for its innovation, giving us confidence in our ability to support and continue to grow the business, no matter what direction it takes."

- Graham Billsborough, Group CIO, EG Group

"Nutanix just ticked all the boxes and has made a huge difference to our ability to do business. VMs that used to take weeks to provision can now be brought online in minutes and workloads sized on-demand as customer requirements change. We can also see and manage the whole infrastructure ourselves plus it’s all fully backed up, secure and PCI compliant."

- Andy Wells, Lead Systems Engineer, Pay360 by Capita

"I was looking for a solution that was cost effective, easy to manage and flexible. We needed something that meant I didn’t have to expand the technical team, that would take care of security and would tie into our cloud strategy. We wanted something affordable to tie together our workloads and applications across multiple premises and clouds and provide a clear technology direction and certainty on future expansion."

- Daniel Rubie, Head of Technology Operations, Royal Opera House

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