Nutanix DRaaS

Protect Your Apps, Data & Services with Disaster Recovery as a Service Solutions

Achieve SLAs confidently with a cloud-based disaster recovery service. Instant setup lets you failover, failback or test recovery plans, all with just a few clicks.

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How Does Nutanix DRaaS Work?

Turning on cloud-based disaster recovery is easy.

  1. Create a Nutanix DRaaS account and choose your plan

  2. Sign into Nutanix DRaaS and begin using the disaster recovery service

Nutanix DRaaS offers a variety of SLA options, based on your organisation’s needs. Simply subscribe to the service based upon the number of VMs that you would like to protect.

Effortless Onboarding and Compliance

Onboarding Nutanix disaster recovery services

Setting up a disaster recovery solution has never been easier. 

  1. Turn on and manage the Nutanix DRaaS service from Prism, the same interface you use to manage your Nutanix Cloud Clusters.

  2. Categorise your VMs, and apply protection policies and recovery plans to customise your environment.

Failover and failback are just one-click operations that keep your business applications, data, and services available when your data centre goes down.

Flexible Network Options

Get fully isolated virtual networks (per tenant) and choose from a variety of connectivity options. You can use the one-click VPN option provided by Nutanix to get started immediately or bring your own. Private, low-latency and dedicated Direct Connect options are provided by our partners.

Nutanix DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Grow Your Business with Global Availability

Nutanix and its partners continuously test, maintain, and proactively monitor a global footprint of data centres to support your disaster recovery needs. Regardless of where your applications, data, and services are hosted and consumed, Nutanix DRaaS offers a low-latency availability zone in most locations to ensure that your workloads are up 24/7.

*Nutanix DRaaS is available to customers in the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe subject to meeting technical requirements.

Expert’s Corner

Nutanix DRaaS demo

Watch a Nutanix technical expert as he walks you through setup, configuration, and failover scenarios with Nutanix DRaaS. The demonstrations end with a live failover monitored through Prism Central.

Nutanix is Trusted by 20,000+ Customers

"One of the key benefits from my point of view is a much greater insight into what’s going on inside the box. Not that I need to check on it that often – it just works."

- Jeff Longley, Systems Administrator, WD-40

"Nutanix is very, very simple to administer and use compared with moving to public cloud, plus we get higher performance with Nutanix and at a reduced cost of ownership."

- Philip Flint, Lead Enterprise Architect, Shakespeare Martineau

"We supply the expertise so as a service provider Qualcom has a massive responsibility in recommending solutions. When we are asked to look at what is available on the market, customers rely on us to bring the best in new tech so that’s what we did with Nutanix. We deliver big projects for enterprise and government clients, so it was important for us to be confident that we would have a strong team within Nutanix who could be heavily involved in the design and architecture decisions. And this is exactly what we have."

- David Kinsella, Technical Director, Qualcom

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