Enable Desktop-as-a-Service to increase performance and scalability

Company employees used to be tethered closely to a desktop or laptop for much of their work. Now, a digital workspace powered by Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides greater flexibility, so that employees can access the applications and data they need securely—from any device at any location.


Dive into Desktop-as-a-Service

Explore the rise of DaaS in the workplace and the many use cases for which organizations are finding DaaS to be a key driver of productivity and cost savings.


Powering the Digital Workspace

DaaS Is an Engine of Digital Workspace Transformation

Today, many enterprises are choosing desktop-as-a-service solutions as a complement to their existing VDI deployments, while others choose it as an alternative to VDI. In both scenarios, DaaS provides substantial benefits—it’s fast and flexible to deploy, places virtually no burden on IT admins, and provides organizations with application agility.


DaaS Solves a Number of VDI Issues

Many organizations choose DaaS over VDI because it’s simply a better fit. Running VDI in-house can be challenging due to constraints that may include app integration and delivery, budget limitations, and lack of VDI experts. VDI also requires significant upfront capital expense, and you may find yourself regularly adding hardware as the number of virtual desktop users grows. If demand shrinks, however, you’re left paying for unused hardware resources.

The Perfect Complement to VDI

DaaS can help you address application delivery, IT staff, and budget constraints, complementing your existing VDI deployment(s) or offering you a lightweight platform to deliver new virtual apps and desktop services.

Temporary Demand

Meet demand for temporary, seasonal, and contract workers without over-sizing your VDI deployment for peak usage.

Business Continuity/DR

Quickly provision secondary workspaces if disaster strikes and ensure that your employees are able to remain productive.

Emerging Tech Needs

Quickly address needs your current VDI doesn’t support—like GPU-accelerated graphics apps or highly mobile employees.


Support remote locations with minimal onsite infrastructure and get new locations up and running quickly.

Project-driven Work

Enable short-term, project-based IT expansions without exposing your entire organization’s network and IP.


Eliminate shadow IT with consistent, pre-configured dev/test environments that are easy to consume and IT-approved.

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