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Power Your Modern Apps with PostgreSQL Database-as-a-Service

Give developers the PostgreSQL experience they deserve while simplifying database management for platform teams with Nutanix Database Service, on-premises or in the public cloud.

End-to-End PostgreSQL Support

PostgreSQL Database Support

Get support for PostgreSQL Community Edition database software as part of your NDB subscription, including help with data corruption, slow queries, and bug fixes.

PostgreSQL Extension Support

Get support for verified PostgreSQL extensions, including PostGIS, pgAudit, pg_cron, set_user, and TimescaleDB.

Database Infrastructure Support

Get support and best practice advice for any PostgreSQL infrastructure-related issues, including setting up and supporting HA PostgreSQL deployments. 

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Nutanix is trusted by 25,000+ customers

“I can see three huge advantages adopting NDB. Space saving through copy-on-write cloning technology. Automation for database patching that gives us more confidence, especially for open source databases. Standardization for database backup and recovery for all database technology supported by Nutanix Database Service.”

- Paolo Bussetti, Data Architect, SOGEI

“We have a very complex mixture of database engines which, previously, needed different skill sets and different management tools. Having a single unified interface has done away with those requirements which, while it doesn’t turn us all into database experts, is a huge step forward when it comes to keeping the database lights on and resolving day-to-day issues as quickly as possible.”

- Paul Cash, Director IT Operations, Smartbox Group

"We can now snapshot and clone a SQL database in production to a test server in a matter of minutes. We also like the ability to go back in time and bring back a previous snapshot in the same pane of glass. If there ever is an issue, we can revert to the snapshot taken right before the patch. That takes all of the worry out of cloning and the testing process.”

- Craig Wiley, Senior Infrastructure Systems Architect, Penn National Insurance

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Take NDB for a test drive

Take Nutanix Database Service for a test drive to experience the power and simplicity of the only hybrid multicloud database-as-a-service.

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Learn how Nutanix Database Service can lower your PostgreSQL TCO and simplify your database management across on-premises and the public cloud.