OVHcloud and Nutanix: Better Together.

Simplify and Accelerate Global Infrastructure Deployment

Nutanix and OVHcloud’s partnership combines award-winning infrastructure services from OVHcloud with industry-leading HCI and cloud software solutions from Nutanix, simplifying and accelerating the delivery of cutting edge infrastructure solutions where and when you need them. OVHcloud offers industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions letting you manage, secure, and scale to meet infrastructure needs more easily.

The combination of Nutanix hyperconverged technology and OVHcloud’s next-generation hardware means you can deploy highly resilient infrastructure in just a few clicks. For customers running Nutanix HCI on-premises, you can create a unified hybrid multicloud environment that extends to OVHcloud datacenters with fast, secure networking via OVHcloud Connect.

Why Work with OVHcloud and Nutanix

Nutanix and OVHcloud deliver the full benefits of the Nutanix Cloud Platform from OVHcloud’s European and Canadian cloud datacenters.

Easy adoption

Deploy complete, ready-to-use Nutanix solutions in just hours without any long-term commitment.

No hidden costs

Data ingress, egress and all software and hardware licenses are included in the price with no surprises.

Ensure data sovereignty

Highly resilient and secure private infrastructure addresses European and Canadian data sovereignty requirements.

Hosted Private Cloud Powered by Nutanix 

OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud Powered by Nutanix addresses your most important use cases, allowing you to drive business strategy based on business needs rather than infrastructure limitations. Nutanix Cloud Platform software running on OVHcloud’s bare metal hardware is fast, simple, cost-effective, and highly elastic. The solution is easy to implement, easy to scale up or down, and comes with no hidden costs—meaning no surprises at the end of the month. OVHcloud Connect provides a high-performance link between your company network and OVHcloud datacenters, ensuring your data and applications remain available and secure.

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