Analyst Report:

An I&O Leader’s Guide to Storage for Containerized Workloads

2018 IDC Retail Innovation Survey

Increasingly, enterprise IT is turning to container runtimes and Kubernetes – with more being deployed for stateful use cases nowadays. Still, while adoption is on the rise, I&O leaders are faced with the challenge to modernize their infrastructure – and their approach to container storage.

This Gartner report offers key recommendations for choosing containerized storage products, selecting the right vendor, and assessing the capabilities of your storage solution. Plus, learn why the container ecosystem has changed and how you can adapt to the evolving world of container storage.

In this report you’ll find:

  • Decision factors to consider when choosing a persistent storage solution
  • The 4 types of storage products that can be used with containerized applications
  • A straightforward vendor overview for storage solutions
  • And more.

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