Solving Hybrid Multicloud Complexity: Nutanix Introduces Simplified Cloud Portfolio

By Doan Nguyen

February 15, 2022 | min

Many organizations have embarked on IT modernization initiatives to adopt multicloud services and simplify the infrastructure that remains on-premises. However, despite years of IT automation and a broad array of cloud options, many of these “transformative” projects still require a lengthy implementation cycle to provision infrastructure, connect applications, migrate data, and integrate business processes. The recent Enterprise Cloud Index reveals that while 83% respondents agree hybrid and multicloud is the ideal operating model, challenges remain. Security, integrating data across clouds, and managing costs across clouds are still top of mind concerns for IT leaders.

Helping IT rein in multicloud complexity, Nutanix is pleased to introduce a simplified product portfolio with an easy-to-consume set of solutions enabling customers to accelerate innovation and meet rapidly changing business needs. The Nutanix® Cloud Platform, built on our industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), delivers a consistent operating model across all types of clouds: public, private, at edge, and hybrid.

Comprising hybrid cloud infrastructure, multicloud management along with unified storage, database services, and desktop services, the Nutanix Cloud Platform supports any application and workload in any location. One cloud platform that uniquely enables you choice and flexibility to implement the right cloud operating model for your business.

Figure 1: The Nutanix Cloud Platform Overview

Nutanix lets you seamlessly scale your apps, easily set up and tear down test and dev, run mission-critical workloads with stringent security and business continuity needs, and much more. Run any workload at any scale with the right set of capabilities in any combination of your choice of public, private, or hybrid clouds—all managed through a single control plane. Here is a short summary of how we’re making cloud complexity invisible:

  • Single platform for all applications, virtualized or containerized, on-prem or across multiple clouds
  • Easy one-click deployment expedites mundane administration, so your IT team can focus on high-value tasks 
  • Unified management for infrastructure across any cloud (on prem, edge, MSP/Telco clouds, and public clouds)
  • Data centricity provides a rich set of data services supported on a cloud platform to deliver the most optimal performance for timely data-driven decisions
  • Multi-layer security ensures data and applications are protected at all times, securing sensitive information and ensuring safe computing for your remote workforce
  • Business resilience via redundant infrastructure guarantees highly available IT services. Security, data protection, and one-click disaster recovery are built into the platform, keeping your business processes running and your data safe at all times
  • Simplified Packaging eliminates the guesswork in cloud tooling acquisition to ensure business outcomes are prioritized for the best ROI

The simplified cloud solution packages for hybrid cloud infrastructure, multicloud management, unified storage, database and desktop services bring together the infrastructure management, operations, security, and business continuity technologies that Nutanix is known for into easy-to-consume packages that provide customers with complete sets of capabilities for their needs.

What are the Solution Packages?

The packages offer enterprise-ready cloud solutions, while maintaining the one-click ease that customers have come to expect from Nutanix. The new, simplified portfolio includes:

Figure 2: Nutanix cloud solutions

  • Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) provides a complete software solution including virtual compute, storage and networking for virtual machines and containers, that can be deployed in private data centers on the hardware of your choice or in public clouds with built-in resilience, self-healing, performance, disaster recovery capabilities, and security. Running NCI on public cloud, Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), enables customers to accelerate their journey to hybrid cloud for agility, elasticity, and application modernization while maintaining the operational efficiency of a unified cloud environment with common management and policies across clouds. Key use cases include cloud bursting, disaster recovery, and datacenter lift and shift.
  • Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) brings simplicity and ease of use to building and managing cloud deployments by driving consistent governance across private and public clouds, helping customers accelerate their cloud journey. NCM delivers intelligent operations including monitoring, insights, and automated remediation making it easier for enterprises to deploy, operate, and manage their applications. It also drives financial accountability and cost governance with intelligent resource optimization, and accurate visibility into cloud metering and chargeback. Finally, it unifies security operations for workloads and data across clouds, automating incident response with intelligent analysis and regulatory compliance.
  • Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) delivers distributed, and software defined storage for multiple protocols (volumes, files, objects) to support a variety of workloads deployed anywhere – private, public, or hybrid cloud – with license portability in between. A single point of management for all storage resources eliminates complexity of multiple interfaces and enables non-storage experts to handle most day-to-day storage and data management tasks. Intelligent analytics integrated into the solution provide data visibility and deep insights for governance and security of data.
  • Nutanix Database Service (NDB) simplifies database management across hybrid multicloud environments for database engines like PostgreSQL®, MySQL®, Microsoft® SQL Server, and Oracle® Database, with powerful automation for provisioning, scaling, patching, protection, and cloning of database instances. NDB helps customers deliver Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) and easy-to-use self-service database experience on-premises and public cloud to their developers for both new and existing databases.
  • Nutanix End User Computing Solutions (EUC) deliver virtual apps and desktops to users worldwide from public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure. It provides a per-user licensing option for NCI that simplifies capacity planning by matching the infrastructure cost model to that of the end user computing platform. It also includes a simple, fast, and flexible Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform that can run end user workloads on Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), on public clouds or on hybrid clouds.

Simplicity Accelerates Growth 

Ongoing economic uncertainty makes it even more important to simplify, reduce costs and keep IT prepared for unexpected changes. An easy and cost-effective path to cloud and optionality helps you stay in control of your IT portfolio. Our mission is to simplify cloud infrastructure, unify cloud management, and make cloud adoption simple. Learn more about the Nutanix Cloud Platform solutions to see how we can help you win the war on cloud complexity.

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