Nutanix and Stratodesk Enabling Hybrid Work

By Joseph Anderson (Stratodesk)

August 30, 2021 | min

With the COVID-19 situation still uncertain after more than a year, it seems clear that the traditional workplaces of the past are not going to be so quick to return. While remote work was the buzzword of 2020, the word to watch in 2021 and beyond is hybrid work. And how enterprises and IT around the world enable remote work could very well be their legacy. According to a CNBC article, a majority of companies want a hybrid workforce moving forward .

For IT leaders, this poses a substantial challenge to say the least. By partnering with industry leaders Nutanix and Stratodesk will allow enterprise IT, employers and employees to reap the many rewards of hybrid work.

The Rise of Remote Work Has Also Meant the Rise of Cyber Attacks

As remote work has grown more common, so have cyber attacks according to a Forbes article. IT is going to have to delve deeper into how they are ensuring security in their VDI/DaaS deployments.

One of the primary ways that Stratodesk Corporation and Nutanix, Inc. partner to make this a possibility is with technology that helps to enable endpoint devices as a low-value target.

First, Nutanix Frame™ makes it possible for workers to access the Windows® apps and desktops they need to get their work done without needing to house that data on the local device itself.

Integration with Stratodesk can add an important security layer to your Nutanix Frame deployment by stripping down the device itself and converting it into a Stratodesk NoTouch™ OS powered device. This collaboration is strengthened by Stratodesk’s validation as  Nutanix Frame Ready (the first technology partner to achieve this validation with Frame), in Thin Client OS with Stratodesk NoTouch and Nutanix Frame App (Linux) 6.0 and above.

Stratodesk NoTouch OS is Linux-based, secure, and replaces locally installed Windows instances on devices. It protects against common security exploits and prevents unwanted third party applications.

With all of the heavy lifting being done by Nutanix Frame and the endpoint itself secured by Stratodesk NoTouch OS, important corporate data and security exploits are prevented from happening on the endpoint device itself. Sensitive corporate data will remain secure from loss or compromise.

Hybrid Workforces Necessitate Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Beyond securing remote devices, Stratodesk NoTouch OS and Nutanix Frame DaaS are also ideal for hybrid cloud deployments.

In the current times of remote work, enterprises have had to manage between office workers and remote workers. Additionally, they’ve had to handle those users via the cloud and through on-premises VDI. We’ll show you, however, that DaaS is ideal for hybrid workforces.

With DaaS, enterprise IT can retain flexibility over the number of employees accessing virtual desktops in the cloud. When users are switching between the office and remote or work from home, DaaS can make it possible.

Not only is this beneficial from a practical standpoint, it aids enterprises in keeping costs down. With a DaaS model, enterprises only have to pay for the desktops they are actually using. They maintain flexibility over the usage for their deployment, and only pay for what they need.

Enterprises are seeing the advantages of this as they deal with fluctuations in labor, and different policies changing in regards to COVID-19.

As Hybrid Work Takes Precedence in the Minds of IT Leaders, so Does Simplicity and Consistency

The goal of any IT department in any organization is to enable their workers to get their work done simply and efficiently. It should be so easy for them to do their work on virtually any device that they don’t even realize all the IT magic going on behind the scenes to make it possible.

This is the same when it comes to bring your own device (BYOD). Enabling personal devices has been a topic of concern for IT for a while. Hybrid work has sent that need into hyperdrive. As workers spend part of their time in the office, at home, and maybe even at third workplaces, IT will have to orchestrate this without causing a challenge for the worker.

One way IT organizations are making this happen is through the combination of Stratodesk NoTouch software – namely Stratodesk NoTouch GO™ – and, of course, Nutanix Frame DaaS.

Stratodesk NoTouch GO is the super lightweight device that can be deployed on virtually any endpoint, instantly converting that endpoint into a fully working NoTouch/Frame endpoint. Because Stratodesk NoTouch contains the connectors for Nutanix Frame natively, it works directly out of the box on any device, anywhere.

“By delivering a solution for enabling remote work – like Stratodesk NoTouch GO – that also includes the latest version of Nutanix Frame App, Stratodesk is ensuring access to a truly secure remote work environment for enterprises of all shapes and sizes around the world” – Stratodesk Founder and CEO, Emanuel Pirker.

To Make Things Even Easier, Stratodesk NoTouch has Achieved Nutanix Frame Ready Status for the Latest Version of the Nutanix Frame App

Stratodesk and Nutanix continue to work closely together in order to make hybrid work a reality for enterprises around the world. Thanks to our collaboration, Stratodesk is the first to achieve and announce Nutanix Frame Ready™ status with Stratodesk NoTouch and Nutanix Frame App (Linux) 6.0 and above.

“Stratodesk NoTouch, a thin client management and OS software, and the Nutanix Frame Desktop as a Service are a great combination for IT organizations that wish to simplify the management of their hybrid work environments,” says Carsten Puls, Nutanix VP of End User Computing. “Stratodesk’s solution works seamlessly with the Nutanix Frame App making thin client deployments as easy as possible for our joint customers around the world. We’re pleased that Stratodesk is one of the first to achieve Nutanix Ready status for Frame.”

Stratodesk has achieved Frame Ready status for the Nutanix Frame App, meaning that Stratodesk NoTouch has reached the highest standard of Nutanix validation – it has completed verification testing by Nutanix, thereby providing confidence in the compatibility of a tight integration to the Nutanix technology.

By delivering the latest Nutanix Frame App directly out of the box, Stratodesk makes secure, effective hybrid workforces possible without causing a nightmare for IT. Simply ship endpoints to your workers, convert existing devices, or enable personal devices seamlessly with Stratodesk NoTouch GO and benefit from a consistent look and feel and instant connectivity to your Nutanix Frame deployment via the Nutanix Frame App or browser.

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