Founded in 2010, Stratodesk is the leading global innovator in EUC management and thin client OS software, and is redefining endpoint computing by delivering a single endpoint solution for VDI, DaaS, and IoT markets. Today’s enterprises are moving beyond traditional desktops towards smart workplaces where the diverse network of endpoint devices will create interoperability and compatibility issues without a single unified endpoint solution.

Stratodesk fills this void by delivering Stratodesk’s cutting-edge Linux-based endpoint OS and management suite, Stratodesk NoTouch, is a next-generation, hardware-agnostic and cloud-ready solution enabling companies to cost-effectively manage their endpoints. Whether deploying new endpoints, or maximizing the benefits of existing, repurposed desktop hardware, our solution works seamlessly across all x64, x86, and ARM-based devices (including the Raspberry Pi) in order to provide a secure, simplified, and unified endpoint experience.

By integrating with Nutanix Frame and Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV), Stratodesk enables Nutanix customers to cut costs, increase security, and automate management for their Frame endpoints. Our management software, Stratodesk NoTouch Center, can be run on-premises or from the Cloud –making it ideal for your Cloud based virtual endpoints.