Accelerate Dev/Test operations with high-performance cloud development environments.

Drive productivity, improve time to market, and have a direct impact on revenue with an efficient, agile development and test environment.

The Definitive Guide to Application Performance With Hyperconverged All-Flash Solutions

Get rid of the complexity associated with legacy all-flash systems and experience benefits instantly with Nutanix All-Flash.

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Powering the Digital Workspace

Drive Speed and Efficiency in Dev/Test

Nutanix enables Dev teams to harness the power and efficiency of hyperconverged infrastructure to iterate faster than ever—moving applications from development, to QA, to stage, and finally to production with unprecedented speed and agility.

Accelerate Time to Market

Set up complete test environments in minutes and cut QA cycles by as much as 50%. Improve quality through better test coverage using private cloud-based orchestration and automation.

Dedicated Dev Environments

Provide developers with high-performance VMs and private copies of production databases and data while optimizing storage resources and performance.

Risk-free Development

Predictably scale production clusters to support development and testing on the same infrastructure, eliminating the risk of promoting code into production.

Self-service Provisioning

Enable engineering and QA to deploy complete, high-performance environments from a portal with full clones of production datasets.

Excellent Performance

Eliminate noisy neighbor concerns—each developer can have the performance they need on the same web-scale cloud environment.

Quick Iterations

Work in parallel and quickly revert to older versions without worrying about resource constraints or recovery time using VM-granular cloning and snapshots.

Foundations for Success

Stabilize the Dev/Test environment with simplicity in operations management and world class support.

Lower Costs and Simplify Administration

Streamline workflows and reduce infrastructure complexity with VM-centric operations and centralized management via intuitive tools and open APIs.

Distributed Team Support

Support geographically distributed teams by using VM-granular replication to keep working VMs closest to developers and QA teams.

Reduced Overhead

Practically eliminate the need for storage management using centralized, VM-centric management and REST APIs/PowerShell toolkits.

Actionable Insights

Slash performance troubleshooting from days and weeks to hours with end-to-end visibility into VM and application performance under test.

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