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Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies

Thales TCT is a U.S.-based provider of high-assurance data security solutions to the U.S. Federal Government. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to protect the most vital data from the core to the cloud to the field for defense, intelligence, and civilian agencies across the government. Thales TCT develops, sells, manufactures, and supports our core data security solutions solely within the boundaries of the U.S., thus providing a completely trusted U.S.-based source.

Thales TCT's KMIP-compliant key management offerings integrate with Nutanix’s data-at-rest encryption solutions to provide highly secure key storage and management. The key managers serve as the guardians of the Key Encrypting Keys that effectively unlock the encrypted drives, whether the drives are physical or virtual. Thales TCT key managers meet the requirement of government agencies that keys not be stored and managed on the same system as the encryption.  Available in both appliance and virtual forms, FIPS 140-2 Level 1, 2, or 3 compliance can be achieved, depending on type and configuration.  

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