Technology Alliances

Bacula Systems

Bacula Systems’ software, Bacula Enterprise, provides fully certified, natively integrated backup and recovery for Nutanix AHV.

Bacula Enterprise is a modular data protection software solution for high-end enterprise use. It has especially high levels of security compared to other backup solution vendors and is highly scalable, ranging from single-node systems to those consisting of thousands of nodes. Bacula is used to protect even the most diverse physical, virtual, container and Cloud environments. It is highly customizable and will meet the flexibility requirements of medium and large organizations. Bacula is relied on by NASA, NOAA, and the largest defence organizations in the West. 

Benefits of the partnership with Nutanix to End Users:

Nutanix users need highly secure and comprehensive enterprise-grade backup and recovery for Nutanix AHV – as well as the rest of their IT infrastructure. Bacula Enterprise is certified with Nutanix, integrates seamlessly with Nutanix AHV and typically offers reduced costs over other backup vendors. Nutanix users also benefit from Bacula’s wider technology fit, in-cloud capabilities, disaster recovery features and choice of both web-based GUI and command line operation.


  • Agentless deployment
  • Snapshot-based backup/restore
  • Support for any kind of guest VM
  • Hot copy: Online VMs supported (no need to shutdown)
  • Full, Incremental and Differential levels
  • Fast block level image backup through NDFS
  • Quickly restore complete VM images
  • Quickly restore network interfaces
  • Remote interactive snapshot deletion tool included
  • Broad technology compatibility
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