AccuKnox is a
Gen-AI powered Zero Trust Cloud Native Security Platform that delivers security for public and private cloud deployments.  AccuKnox helps customers achieve compliance coverage based on frameworks such as MITRE and NIST; with 30+ controls such as STIG, CIS, PCIDSS, GDPR, and SOC2 and enables InfraSec & DevSecOps teams to detect, prioritize, prevent, and protect against potential cloud attacks.

AccuKnox CNAPP is an integrated platform that combines CSPM, ASPM, KIEM, KSPM and CWPP that secures modern (Kubernetes) and traditional (Virtual Machine) workloads. AccuKnox’s CNCF OpenSource project KubeArmor has achieved 750,000+ downloads and helps streamline vulnerability triage and alerts fatigue problems with GRC, observability, and inline prevention.

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