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Solution Brief

The path towards the future of healthcare has never evolved so quickly. And with Nutanix – your healthcare organization will be ready for anything. Deliver secure access to clinical and non-clinical apps, virtual desktops, and protected data to your clinicians and staff from any device in any location at any scale with leaders in true hybrid multi-cloud digital workspace solutions.

EUC in Healthcare - your
Guide to Best Practice


EUC key benefits 


The Future of Work Has Changed

Lower TCO enables cost savings and reinvestment into improved clinician and patient experience.

Work From Anywhere

Rapid app responses and some of the highest levels of availability in healthcare  industry.

Provide Secure Access

Increased clinician and staff satisfaction as a result of linear scaling and consistent, predictable user experience.

Industry Exclusive

Easily model top to bottom per user costs  without potentially error prone and time consuming per use capacity calculations.

Growing Adoption across 1500+
Healthcare Organizations

We are using Nutanix for the server/backend virtualization and Citrix for the End User Computing experience. The benefit of that combination is tremendous, because it helps us really be diligent with security and application delivery resting on the back of HIPAA and the HITECH ACT.

Isaiah Nathaniel, Chief Information Officer, Delaware Valley Community Health

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