Meet Sharmin: A first time working mother on her return to work

By Melissa Sheehan

March 1, 2021 | min



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As a part of our “Life at Nutanix'' series we’ll be profiling some of our unique and talented Nutants to help you get a feel for our team and culture. In this blog post, we talk with Sharmin Ansari, a Customer Success Representative on our sales team based in Bangalore, India. Sharmin talks with us about her role and shares some pointers she’s learned while navigating being a new working mother. Here’s our conversation with Sharmin.

Tell us about why you joined Nutanix.

I joined Nutanix in 2017. Before Nutanix I worked at Dell. I saw the industry moving towards a software- and subscription-driven model. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) was the new phase that the world was moving towards and I wanted to work at a company where I could be a part of this. I also wanted to be at a growing company where I would be challenged to learn and grow while applying my creativity and individual abilities.

What do you do as a Customer Success Representative?

My current position builds on my prior experience working as an Inside Account Executive where I helped to close new business.

As a Customer Success Representative, I am in a customer-centric role where I advocate for and guide our customers. I ensure our customers are successfully using our solutions to achieve their goals. I also help customers expand into using additional Nutanix solutions as their needs grow. 

What keeps you excited about your work? 

Everyday at work is exciting for me. I love the company and the work I do. 

Customers come to us with different questions and challenges. Our product is so simple, easy-to-use and adaptable--it helps customers solve common challenges. I enjoy the consultative relationships that we build with customers. Relationships with customers do not end at the sale. We work closely with customers to ensure their success long after a deal closes.

How is Nutanix different from other places you have worked?

Nutanix is different in every angle. People at Nutanix are humble and honest with each other. The healthy culture the organization has developed makes Nutanix a happy and healthy place to be.

One of the most important things to me is working with good people and good leaders who understand you as who you are, not just what you can do.

Sharmin Ansari

You welcomed your first child in 2020. Tell us about your journey to motherhood. 

I got married in 2019 and became pregnant soon after our Nutanix Sales Kick Off event. While I was carrying I had a lot of questions about being a mother and how it would be to continue working while managing my pregnancy. The company was so supportive and accepting. My manager and team were very caring with me.

How was your maternity leave? 

I went out on leave in March and had my baby boy in April. During leave I was completely dedicated to my son and getting used to being a new mother. I had many sleepless nights and new learnings during my leave.

Sharmin, her husband and her son

What advice would you give to someone expecting their first child?

  1. Do what you can to prepare before the baby comes. Read books, take classes, talk to others about their experiences and pack your hospital bag.
  2. Be open with your manager around your pregnancy and set clear expectations and timelines for your leave and return to work. Enjoy your leave and don’t stress about work.
  3. Expect the unexpected in the first 6 months after delivery. Go with the flow and don't force your child on a schedule. It will be easier and happier for you if you let your baby figure out their routine on their own.

What Nutanix benefits and resources did you rely on as an expecting mother?

Nutanix’s medical insurance in India is great. It was so smooth for my hospital visits with everything taken care of that I needed. 

Before I had my baby (pre-COVID), the transportation to and from the office was a big help for me because I worked up until the week before I had my son. The healthy food at the office also helped me feel good during my pregnancy.

What would you tell a parent who is preparing to return to work after time off?

Start to plan for your return at least a month in advance. Thinking through how you will manage your child and work will help you return with more confidence and energy. Be in contact with management on a transition plan and be clear about what you expect in terms of hours, workload, and goals. Line up support resources like a nanny or a caretaker and consider your baby’s feeding habits so you can adjust if necessary.

Work life balance can be challenging. What helps you strive for balance?

I am lucky to have my extended family nearby. Know that balance will initially be tough. Do what you can to create an ecosystem before the baby arrives and to help get the baby adjusted with caretakers, food, and a schedule before you return to work. Create boundaries so you have time for work and being a parent and talk with friends and colleagues to get advice. 

Most importantly, know that the tough days will pass. Not every day will be in your favor but being positive and caring for yourself will help you manage.

Thanks to Sharmin for opening up to us about her journey at Nutanix and as a new mother. To learn more about our team, culture and open roles, visit our Careers page.