Is your virtualisation locked-in?

Flexibility and choice at every layer in your stack.

We offer solutions for VMware customers who are navigating uncertainty and risk. Our cloud platform provides flexibility and choice—without vendor lock-in—and supports VMware environments with unified management

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Are Your Operations Too Dependent on VMware?

Technology leaders get help on how to navigate the VMware transition and prevent disruption.

Future-Proof Your Business Against VMware Uncertainty

Business leaders can create a clear path to sustain existing VMware operations with these top considerations.

Discover why Nutanix is the better alternative to VMware

This infographic highlights 8 compelling reasons to choose Nutanix.

Nutanix has a plan to move your business forward

Nutanix is here to help customers manage VMware concerns. We offer a complete virtualisation portfolio to create a clear, certain path for your hybrid multicloud future.

Here’s how we support businesses like yours.


World-class support

Nutanix has you covered with worldwide support, and a proven 5-year average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90.

Reduced cost

Reduced costs

Get maximum pricing flexibility with built-in cost optimization to lower your TCO. IDC found that Nutanix customers achieved 43% cost savings on average over five years.


Continuous innovation

We infuse innovation into the product roadmap for our hybrid, multi-cloud platform, so customers get more choice and flexibility in their architecture.

Straight forward upgrades

Straightforward upgrades

You can upgrade Nutanix HCI independently of your virtualisation platform to give you ultimate flexibility.


Seamless migration

Your business can deploy an application-ready cloud 97% faster than a three-tier, on-premises infrastructure.

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What our Customers are Saying

With the Nutanix clusters in place it was then just a matter of migrating the workloads, with Kane and the team opting to switch from VMware to the Nutanix AHV hypervisor as part of that process.
"There were no technical reasons why we shouldn’t use AHV and real financial gains and other benefits to be had."

- John Kane, Director of ICT, The Bar of Ireland

“The obvious answer would have been a switch to VMware, because that’s what we use to host other IT systems. But when we compared that approach with AHV it became clear we could get the same results using the Nutanix hypervisor with the added benefit of full integration, a single point of management and none of the extra costs of hypervisor licensing.”

- Rick Jagger, Technical Services Manager

“The idea of using AHV is to reduce VMware ESXi license cost going forward, AHV has all the functionality needed at no additional cost.”

- Michael Jannsen, Lead Architect, Vodafone

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Whether you’re shifting VMware vSphere to Nutanix HCI or considering a move away from VMware to Nutanix, we reduce friction and help your business deploy quickly to the Nutanix Cloud Platform. See for yourself why migrating from VMware to Nutanix has never been simpler.

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