Five Other Things that Get Smaller When You Shrink Your Data Center

By Lionel Marks
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A Nutanix Complete Cluster can reduce the number of rack units you’ll need to serve applications and data to your enterprise. However, your data center footprint isn’t the only thing you’ll shrink during this transition. We found five other metrics you can use to estimate the impact of a smaller computing solution.

1. Your rent

Global Industry Analysts estimate that, by 2018, more than half of American companies will rely on off-premise datacenters in the cloud, putting the microscope of scrutiny on datacenter operational costs. As competition from cloud computing services heats-up, organizations will be forced to address rack space & datacenter economics. Competitive enterprises will have two choices; squeeze value from every square inch of their datacenters or forfeit datacenter operations over to more cost competitive, but less secure, service offerings. By collapsing compute and storage into a single tier of infrastructure, Nutanix unleashes the next transformational technology to empower the enterprise to regain control over their sprawling datacenters while warding off low cost competition from the cloud. Software defined SAN-Free datacenter hardware helps enterprises to reclaim hundreds of U worth of datacenter space all while augmenting performance — the next rack-O-nomics revolution.


2. Your electric bill

Replacing hard disk drives with solid state drives doesn’t just reduce your data center footprint. The switch can save your company a significant amount moneyon your electric bill. According to Andrew Ku from respected benchmarking website Tom’s Hardware, SSD storage may initially appear to consume more electricity than HDD units. However, SSDs help processors complete their operations faster than spinning hard disks. With a blend of server attached flash and traditional spinning disk, Nutanix unlocks the potency of PCIe based SSDs speeds using the latest in software defined storage techniques. Software defined storage efficiently swaps data in and out of flash to inexpensive disk using sophisticated read & write access frequency detection algorithms — giving your applications SSD I/O horsepower with capacities of traditional hard drives.

3. Your water consumption

You probably didn’t realize your data center runs on water. researcher James Hamilton told Data Center Knowledge’s Rich Miller that a typical, 15-megawatt data center requires as many as 360,000 gallons of water every day. All that water keeps servers and storage networks cool, through a variety of air conditioning and chilling systems. Although designers have figured out new ways to supplement public utilities with recycled water, data center tenants still face looming price hikes. Reducing the number of units that require cooling doesn’t just save money, it reduces your company’s environmental impact. By shrinking the infrastructure requirements by 4x, Nutanix dramatically lowers your power&cooling requirements by 40% compared to powering underutilized servers, networking and storage.

4. Your downtime

Researchers from CA Technologies discovered that the typical enterprise loses about $150,000 per year in productivity to downtime issues. Even worse, more than half of the 200 companies in a 2011 survey didn’t have a solid disaster recovery plan, a direct result of overly complex and expensive data replication products that are hard to implement. Placing both computing and storage on the same node eliminates potential points of failure, while making it possible to more intelligently deploy virtual infrastructure using affordable but highly fault tolerant software defined disaster recovery solutions that eliminate the need for proprietary gear. Nutanix Complete Cluster offers a radically simple all-in-one virtualized datacenter in 2U, so you can quickly stand-up your remote site to complement an existing primary site. Data can be replicated from your primary site to Nutanix’s Complete Cluster providing full DR capabilities at a fraction the cost of traditional replication products.

5. Your Infra-stress level

A CareerBliss study names IT Director the “most hated job in America,” primarily due to high stress, long hours, and “thankless tasks.” Advil may provide temporary respite from this predicament, but Nutanix’s solution provides sustainable relief. It doesn’t just shrink your data center footprint by 5x , it’s a whole new way of building your datacenter using the same SAN-Free datacenter designs employed by Google, Amazon, Facebook and the enlightened elite. For years, these datacenters have benefited from the joys of true commoditized approaches, using the power of thousands of standard x86 servers, local storage and distributed software, to gracefully handle surging demand.

Take two Nutanix’s and call us in the morning.. doctor’s orders.