Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Deliver secure and stable virtual apps and desktops with 1-Click

Organizations today aspire to provide their end-users with fast and seamless access to apps and data, whether through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or end-user computing (EUC).

VDI on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

The Definitive Guide to Architecting End-User Computing Solutions

Whether VDI or DaaS, selecting the right infrastructure is critical to the success of your application and desktop virtualization projects. The Nutanix approach frees you from worrying about infrastructure, so you can focus on what’s important—delivering exactly the end-user computing services and applications that your business demands.

Eliminate VDI Complexity

Eliminate VDI Complexity

Dramatically simplify your experience of virtual apps and desktops with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Whether the right solution for your needs is a Citrix or VMware VDI deployment on Nutanix HCI, you’ll enjoy one-click simplicity, fast deployments, and lower cost compared to physical desktops.

Accelerate Your Workflows

Be highly responsive to growing user demand. Quickly roll out new desktops where needed, or enable users to continue working on new devices in new locations. Boost your organizations productivity and innovation, and see those gains translate to time to market.

Make the End-user Experience Excellent

Deliver a consistent, predictable, and reliable experience that drives workflow simplicity. End-users can access apps and data from any device and any location, without being limited by the performance. 

Complement Your VDI with DaaS

Organizations are modernizing their workspaces to provide employees with greater flexibility in how and where they work—and, in the era of BYOD, which devices they use. Today Desktop-as-a-Service is often leveraged in addition to VDI. Since DaaS offloads much of the deployment, management, and support burden, the operational and TCO benefits can be substantial.

VDI Solutions Available on Nutanix

Get the performance benefits of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for industry-leading VDI solutions.

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