Xi Frame

Discover What's Possible with Frame

Frame is the only global, infrastructure-independent platform that allows you to easily roll out apps and desktops.

How Frame is Changing the Game

Despite the rise of web and mobile, thousands of critical applications still run only on Windows PCs. With Frame, your  Windows and web apps run in the cloud and are accessed from a browser. Eliminating complexity for your business.

Connect Frame with Your Everyday Services

Frame lets you access your existing files and identity services that you already use.

Frame is an Ultimate Security Solution

With apps running in the cloud and not on your computer, your data never leaves the secure datacenter. As soon as your work is done, the session is terminated and the virtual machine you used is destroyed. This prevents security breaches and unauthorized access.

Feature Overview

Easy to Use

Leverage intuitive administrative interfaces and zero touch maintenance—you don't need a PhD to design and operate Xi Frame.

Proven at Global Scale

Provision up to 10,000 users per account in under an hour. Spin up secure cloud workspaces in any AWS or Microsoft Azure region.

Elastic by Design

Never overpay for unused capacity again. With Xi Frame, you only pay when you're actually consuming services. Ramp up at your own pace.

Developer Friendly

Use your existing files, connect to IDaaS (like Azure AD or Okta), or extend your enterprise network to the cloud—Xi Frame has you covered.

Built for Security

Get maximum security and zero server footprint. After each Xi Frame session the VM you used is destroyed, so there’s no data to protect.


Leverage the only multicloud Windows workspace service running at a global scale, reaching users in more than 200 countries.

Looking to Get Expert Help?

We can help you determine whether to deploy virtual desktops on-prem data center, or from an external cloud (public or private).