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Virtual Cable

The seamless integration of UDS Enterprise & Nutanix Acropolis enables the deployment of virtual desktops in a fully operational way in record time. UDS Enterprise fully integrates with Nutanix Acropolis. UDS Enterprise components are offered in Virtual Appliance format and they are hosted on the Nutanix Acropolis platform on which the virtual desktops are going to be deployed.

Optimized for environments with high numbers of users and heterogeneous platforms while other VDI providers do not meet certain or special technical requirements: Major Corporations, Public Administrations and Education. UDS Enterprise has no acquisition costs but offers a subscription system including access to product support and updates. The cost decreases depending on the number of users until reaching a fixed cost independently from the number of users. Pay the same for 350 users as for 350,000 users.

UDS Enterprise allows the incorporation of new hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols simultaneously, services, customization of the environment, integration with and by any third party software thanks to its Open Source database.

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