Make EUC easy with the right Private Cloud

By Allan Waters, Solutions Product Marketing

April 7, 2020 | min

End-user computing has been seeing a lot of attention given pandemic circumstances. Aaron posted a nice blog talking about the different approaches here, taking into account both VDI and hosted point of views. There’s a section in the blog that describes having a solid foundation for your EUC (VDI) project. Transforming to hyperconverged is a big part of that foundation, but there can be more things to consider. 

While going through the transition to HCI, what about including key features that make public cloud favorable and gaining those cloud-like abilities on premises. Like Aaron mentioned, you need the right platform to do it and the right platform to make adding such capabilities easy.

In my mind, when I think of a private cloud, I think of being able to have the same automation and self-service you get when you visit a public cloud. A simple example might include swiping your credit card and getting your VMs. Self-service with all the automation happening on the backend that you don’t even see.  

Believe it or not, you can deliver those same services on-premises, not only for your EUC (or VDI) workloads, but also other business-critical and other applications.

For example:

  • How long would it take you to get an entirely new EUC environment up and running if you had to start from scratch today? (Pick a platform that is flexible/scalable and delivers workloads up to 8x faster than other vendors.)
  • Does it take 6 weeks for a developer to finally get the environment they need for a new project? Does it take 100 steps to make it happen? (Provide them a marketplace to make it simple so they can help themselves.)
  • What about governance and being able to see how much different pieces of the infrastructure are costing you? (Do you know how much a virtual machine costs the organization?)
  • Can you see capacity and when you might need to plan for more? (Get rid of all those spreadsheets and make it easy and be able to provide those details back to the business.)
  • Extend to hybrid cloud (Extending your private cloud to public cloud shouldn’t be hard and take a swarm of professional services- Clusters makes it simple)

Adding those pieces on top of your HCI will give you an advantage, and even more importantly, give you time back. But it doesn’t just stop there; think about security, backup, disaster recovery, and storage consolidation—there are some key capabilities that should be built-in (natively integrated) and available to deliver you the right private cloud platform. Nutanix does.

We're focused on helping IT teams simplify their day to day lives so they can innovate. Below are a few pieces of collateral that show what the Nutanix private cloud is all about.  We also took the same approach with our trial environment we call Test Drive. It's easy and fast to access through a mere web browser (#1 below). If you skip all the collateral, the Test Drive would be my recommendation!

#1 - Test Drive!

#2 - Top 20 questions on private cloud (one of my favorites)

#3 - Private cloud solution brief (ya, it’s a solution brief)

#4 - Designing a private cloud (Different components to think about mentioned above)

#5 - 5 minute private cloud demo (check this out- it’s great)

#6 - Private cloud reference architecture (very light reading)

For EUC specific:

#1 - Scale VDI in record time

#2 - Desktop as a Service free trial

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