How to support working remotely—quickly and safely

March 26, 2020 | min

We are moving into uncharted territory in IT. As technologists and solutions architects, we are constantly dealing with an ever-changing landscape and our latest challenges are no different. The ways in which we previously conducted business have shifted, radically and quickly.

Our customers have asked for support to adjust and maintain business continuity through increased capacity to work remotely. For those customers and for IT folks who are in need of a solution now, this blog will share the options available to you, complete with steps to get started ASAP.

Complete EUC Solution from Nutanix: VDI and DaaS

Your Choice: VDI, DaaS, or both

If you have a current need to offer remote work quickly, Nutanix has two possible solutions:

No existing solution? Start here.
For organizations without an existing solution, we have an excellent 30-day free trial for our Desktop as a Service offering Xi Frame, to help rapidly and securely enable your employees to work from anywhere. If you want to better understand how easy it is to get started (and it truly is!), here is the configuration of Frame broken down into five easy steps.

I have an existing VDI solution and want to scale
To enable organizations with an existing virtual desktop and apps practice, we’re excited to offer Nutanix FastTrack for VDI, a predefined combination of software, hardware and service delivery to onboard thousands of remote employees in record time.

I want to take a hybrid approach
Depending on one needs of your organization, a hybrid approach may be the best approach. VDI is a good fit for longer term projects and steady state remote working needs where flexibility is less of an issue. DaaS benefits from rapid provisioning and a pay as you go model benefiting seasonal and temporary remote working situations.

No matter which path you choose to deliver an End User Computing (EUC) solution, there are a few common benefits. Nutanix EUC Solutions are reliable, agile, and secure and offer up to 8x faster deployment of applications than traditional solutions.

The importance of a solid foundation for End User Computing (EUC)

A common complaint of traditional EUC solutions is an inability to linearly scale from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of users without a costly and time consuming replatform along the way. Most traditional solutions reach a point of diminishing returns where this level of scale isn’t possible. Nutanix HCI solves both the scale and performance problem with seamless discovery and expansion of cluster, 1 click upgrades, and intelligent data locality. Frame solves this problem by dynamically leveraging either Nutanix on-prem or public cloud resources to provide Instant On deployment to scale from zero to thousands of users in hours.

A word about security

When offering a remote working solution, security, data compliance/governance, and protection from cyber threats are also top of mind. This concern has always been a core driver for VDI and why we see the popularity of EUC solutions in certain key and highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, education and government. Nutanix takes these requirements a step further. For EUC deployments on Nutanix HCI, in addition to a security-focused platform, we offer Nutanix Flow which enforces application-centric security policies, applying micro-segmentation rules that govern traffic for VMs and, when combined with the user’s identity, create identity-based policies to ensure your remote users are only accessing their appropriate applications and services. . For Frame, we offer support for many industry standard identity provider services, and as a proof point, Frame has achieved FedRAMP Ready status with full FedRAMP authorization in process.

Learn more about Nutanix product security here and about our compliance, security, data protection, and privacy programs here.

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