Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI)

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The Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) exam tests your skills and abilities to interpret documented standards and procedures to complete routine tasks, including deploying and managing virtual infrastructure components and VMs, performing operational maintenance tasks, and initiating disaster recovery. It was also ranked the #8 top paying IT certification

Successful candidates have approximately 1-2 years of holistic IT infrastructure experience and 6-12 months of Nutanix virtualization experience. They're typically IT staff, NOC/SOC escalation engineers, and Tier 2 support personnel who are able to interpret document standards and procedures to complete routine tasks.

Knowledge Objectives

Section 1 – Manage Cluster, Nodes, and Features

  • Perform initial cluster configuration tasks
  • Manage supporting infrastructure tasks
  • Upgrade the platform using Life Cycle Manager (LCM)
  • Maintain a Nutanix cluster
  • Manage user roles and permissions

Section 2 – Manage Cluster Storage

  • Manage node operations in a Nutanix cluster
  • Describe Nutanix storage concepts
  • Configure Nutanix storage optimization features

Section 3 – Configure Cluster Networking and Network Security

  • Deploy and configure networking
  • Describe Nutanix networking concepts
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot basic cluster networking

Section 4 – Analyze and Remediate Performance Issues 

  • Determine how to use reporting tools
  • Given a scenario, determine which metrics and entities are relevant
  • Given a scenario, interpret anomaly detection events
  • Determine how to resolve a performance issue
  • Identify VM inefficiencies

Section 5 – Configure, Analyze, and Remediate Alerts and Events

  • Configure Remote Syslog Server settings
  • Identify common Nutanix services
  • Configure Nutanix alert policies

Section 6 – Manage VM Deployment and Configuration

  • Create, modify, and optimize VMs and their components
  • Manage the image service
  • Describe VM storage policies
  • Manage VM placement options


Once you earn the NCP-MCI certification you join an exclusive community of Nutanix certified personnel, and earn more tangible benefits as well:

  • Use of the NCP-MCI logo 
  • NCP-MCI Digital Badge from Credly 
  • Access to the Nutanix Certification store 
  • Discounts on Nutanix events 
  • Early access to educational programs

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