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Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes

Establishing a hybrid-cloud Kubernetes environment paves the way for substantially more flexibility in scaling and migrating cloud native workloads. However, this goal often involves two major challenges. First, standing up and maintaining a production-grade Kubernetes stack-- especially one based on legacy infrastructure-- is a complex endeavor. Second, operating Kubernetes clusters across public and private clouds often means juggling different management solutions and other undesired overhead.

Make Efficient Hybrid-cloud Kubernetes a Reality With Nutanix

Through partnerships with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, Nutanix offers a fast, reliable path to hybrid-cloud Kubernetes. Nutanix HCI and Karbon are certified for inclusion in hybrid-cloud Kubernetes environments where customers’ preferred cloud native services and Kubernetes management capabilities are easily extended to their own datacenters.

Build Your On-Prem Kubernetes
Stack With Nutanix

The Nutanix Cloud Platform integrates Karbon and persistent storage solutions Volumes, Files, and Objects to form the foundation of a performant and simple-to-manage Kubernetes stack.

Extend Your Preferred Kubernetes Services To Your Own Datacenter

Your organization’s investment in public cloud Kubernetes services, along with the user experience your IT teams rely on can extend to clusters running in your own datacenter as a result of Nutanix’s partnerships with Red Hat, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid-Cloud Kubernetes Options
Featuring Nutanix


Customers looking to run their Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift environments on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) will be able to leverage the industry-leading Nutanix Cloud Platform, including Nutanix AOS and AHV. Red Hat OpenShift is now the preferred solution for hybrid cloud native deployments on Nutanix.


Nutanix Karbon is certified for Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes clusters. Customers first use Karbon to configure and deploy Kubernetes clusters on top of Nutanix HCI. Then, the clusters can be brought into the purview of Azure’s monitoring and policy management capabilities via Arc.

Nutanix has earned a reputation for making infrastructure configuration and management simple and intuitive and their approach to operationalizing Kubernetes on premises is no exception. This is an advantage for customers looking to manage Kubernetes applications consistently across the cloud and on-premises. With Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes, customers can centrally configure and deploy applications to their Nutanix deployments, enabling a seamless hybrid experience.

Arpan Shah, General Manager, Azure at Microsoft


Anthos provides a consistent means of managing Kubernetes workloads across on-prem and public cloud environments, bringing together otherwise disparate cloud architectures. Anthos comprises GKE, GKE on-prem, and the Anthos Config Management Console, enabling unified administration, policies, and security across hybrid cloud and multicloud Kubernetes deployments. Anthos can be deployed on Nutanix HCI and then used to configure and deploy Kubernetes clusters.

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