OnGres, short for “ON postGRES”, is a highly specialized Postgres company. OnGres offers Postgres Professional Services: 24x7 support, training and consulting projects, including database migrations to Postgres); and develops software for Postgres, like, an Enterprise-ready platform for running Postgres on Kubernetes.

  • Automated and fully programmable (GitOps-friendly) deployment of Postgres clusters.
  • High availability and automatic failover with Patroni.
  • Integrated connection pooling.
  • Automated backups with lifecycle management.
  • Monitoring integration with Prometheus, Grafana and AlertManager.
  • Distributed logs server.
  • Fully featured management Web Console.
  • Hundreds of Postgres extensions available.
  • Expertly tuned default configurations.
  • Automated “Day 2” operations, like database vacuums, repacks, restart, minor and major version upgrades, and even running benchmarks.

If you need an ERA-like experience, but on Kubernetes, StackGres on Karbon is a Postgres Database-as-a-Service with batteries included.