GitLab is The DevSecOps Platform that empowers organizations to maximize the overall return on software development by delivering software faster and efficiently, while strengthening security and compliance. GitLab’s single application is easier to use, leads to faster cycle time and allows visibility throughout and control over all stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle. With GitLab, every team in your organization can collaboratively plan, build, secure, and deploy software to drive business outcomes faster with complete transparency, consistency and traceability. The GitLab and Nutanix partnership will help deliver customized DevOps solutions across industries and use cases. We are striving to enable our customers with modern software-driven experiences, and to ensure “Everyone Can Contribute” through a shared mission to cultivate innovation and stimulate transformation. Together, we enable our enterprise customers to lead the digital transformation necessary to compete effectively in the market today.

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Streamlining DevOps: Deploying a GitLab Agent on K8s Cluster and Automating Nutanix Infrastructure with GitLab CI/CD


Effortless GitLab Setup: Deploying a GitLab VM Instance and Runner on the Nutanix Cloud Platform