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Bitdefender® is a global security-technology company that protects over 500,000,000 virtual and physical endpoints in over 150 countries—and a Scale-level Nutanix® partner. Bitdefender GravityZone® Security for Virtualized Environments is a Nutanix AHV-Ready cloud workload-protection platform that leverages award-winning layered next-generation defenses (such as tunable machine learning, application control, anti-exploit, and network sandboxing) to protect Enterprise-Cloud workloads, while enabling efficient centralized security-manageability and preserving the performance and utilization of Nutanix infrastructure. Engineered for hyperconverged and cloud environments, GravityZone minimizes security’s impact on infrastructure resources, increasing consolidation ratios by up to 35% and improving application response by 17% compared to other security solutions. GravityZone is universally compatible with all virtualization platforms, enabling a secure transition to Nutanix AHV from other hypervisors.

GravityZone uniquely integrates with Nutanix Prism to drastically simplify security administration by enabling automatic deployment of in-guest security tools and security servers, assignment of highly-granular security policies, recovery of security licenses from decommissioned VMs, and infrastructure-aware reporting.

The GravityZone Calm Marketplace blueprint makes the deployment of the security platform as easy as the click of a mouse. No matter where in the Enterprise Cloud a customer’s development, test or production VMs reside and what hypervisor(s) they run on, various users can use the blueprint to quickly deploy GravityZone in their environments without adding IT support tickets.

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