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Marty Filipowski Volunteers for Lifesaving Research

By George Davis

August 10, 2021 | min

Marty Filipowski joined Nutanix in 2020 as Director of Public Relations in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region. Marty is based in Sydney, Australia and collaborates with team members across Nutanix to help create awareness for the company’s leadership in private, hybrid, and multicloud computing. Outside of work, Marty enjoys marathon swimming and challenging himself to tackle some of the toughest channel crossings in the world. As part of his swimming, he volunteered for an amazing cause that is close to his heart—literally! 

Through his volunteering earlier this year, he helped to raise awareness for and expand our knowledge of Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE), a condition that impacts swimmers who participate in long-distance swims. 

Here’s our conversation with Marty about his passion for the sport and this special cause. 

Tell us about your interest in marathon swimming and channel crossings.  

Swimming just makes me feel good.  It’s also important to note that my love for the water began back when my mom put me in lessons at my local YMCA when I was eight years old.  But it wasn’t until after I relocated to Australia in 2004 that I discovered open-water swimming.  In 2011 I began training for the English Channel in 2013 - and each channel crossing I have done since then has presented different challenges to overcome. Working together with my coach and crew, we have done five of the Oceans Seven swims to date, which include some of the toughest channel crossings in the world. In addition to the English Channel, I have crossed the Catalina Channel (from Catalina Island to Los Angeles), the Cook Strait (from the North to South Island of New Zealand), the Strait of Gibraltar (from Spain to Morocco) and the North Channel (from Ireland to Scotland). The remaining two that I have not completed are the Tsugaru Channel in Japan and the Molokai Channel in Hawaii.

My hope is that more data will help to shed light on what causes SIPE and how swimmers might prevent or recognize if/when they have it.

Marty Filipowski

Tell us about the organization you volunteer with.  What drew you to the cause? 

The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is one of Australia’s premier research organisations, and it conducted a study including 21 swimmers. The research they do is for a condition called Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE), which can impact marathon swimmers like me.  SIPE occurs when fluids from the blood leak abnormally from the small vessels of the lung into the air spaces. As a marathon swimmer, it is important to me to know how I might be impacted as I continue to train for channel crossings. It was also an opportunity for me to help other swimmers.  So I jumped at the chance to help them to gather information for their research by participating in a research study.  

My hope is that more data will help to shed light on what causes SIPE and how swimmers might prevent or recognize if/when they have it.”  

How do you volunteer for this cause?

My participation in the study earlier this year involved doing a six-hour swim to determine if I am impacted by SIPE. They gathered information by looking at my heart, lungs and other functions. The information was gathered the day before the swim, immediately after the swim, and the day after the swim.”  

This cause is important to your sport.  It's lifesaving, in fact!

Yes, I’m passionate about the sport, and am keen to participate in efforts to promote it, help others with their training, and raise awareness about this condition. The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute also helps countless Australians from all walks of life with their health and fitness.

Thanks to Marty for talking with us about marathon swimming and the ways he hopes to contribute to the safety of the sport through his volunteer efforts. To learn more about our .heart Corporate Social Responsibility program at Nutanix and some of the other causes we support, visit us online at

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