IT Infrastructure Tips for Navigating the New Normal 

By Sachin Mullick, Director Product Management
Software Defined Infrastructure, Data Center Group, Lenovo

September 4, 2020 | min

Business continuity and the ability to swiftly accelerate key digital transformation technologies is the new normal that many customers are facing during this pandemic. Business leaders are placing even more emphasis on how they can best protect their people, serve their customers, and stabilize their business operations while focusing on accelerating their IT transformation initiatives.  

In many cases, organizations have had to adapt to the sudden reality of thousands and thousands of employees working remotely. Given this surge in remote work, there has been increased pressure to ensure employees have secure access to business applications and critical data. To accomplish this, organizations are looking to IT companies like Lenovo and Nutanix to provide end user computing solutions.  

Businesses are looking for agility in the face of uncertainty and quickly rolling out new business models. 

More businesses are evaluating where their data and applications are developed and reside by adopting a multicloud and hybrid cloud strategy.

As more and more data is generated and processed at the edge, whether it is retail, automation, manufacturing, or other industries, the need for rolling out and managing an intelligent edge is becoming more prevalent, as hundreds and thousands of edge sites are producing more data.

Let’s dive into the top three questions IT decision makers need to answer to evolve into what Lenovo is calling the new “smarter” normal: 

1. How do you enable employees to effectively transition to a remote working business model?

Enabling remote work requires an all-encompassing strategy on how to handle virtual desktops, user data for applications, and security for end user client devices. Lenovo has partnered with Nutanix to develop a complete solution for end user computing needs with Lenovo client devices, including our highly tuned Lenovo ThinkAgile HX infrastructure with GPU support for VDI,  combined with Nutanix’s innovations around providing secure virtual apps, user file data, and desktop as a service. 

Combining all of these technologies with Lenovo’s award winning supply chain has helped to roll out end user computing to thousands of users in a few weeks, instead of upwards of six to nine months it would with traditional technology vendors.

2. How do you enable IT operations to reduce time spent on infrastructure updates?  

IT operations for just running the business has traditionally taken up to 60 to 90 percent of the IT spend. Businesses are at a critical juncture where every part of their business is transforming and relying on IT to drive new initiatives. Keeping infrastructure up-to-date requires understanding the entire dependencies chain between software and hardware and ensuring those updates can be rolled to hundreds and thousands of user sites. Lenovo has eliminated this dependency by providing “recipes” of fully-tested hardware and software solutions.  Nutanix through its innovations on Prism and Prism Central is delivering an app-like interface for rolling out multicluster upgrades from a single interface.

3. How do you accelerate digital transformation to enable new business models by adopting cloud strategies and creating an intelligent edge? 

The pace of new business applications rollout is constantly accelerating and requires IT infrastructure that can transform to a hybrid and multicloud model.  This journey to the cloud requires the ability to move away from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model, with the ability to better understand usage to improve costs by moving  to a self-service model either on-prem or in the public cloud.  

Lenovo Truscale’s pay-as-you-go infrastructure as a service offering allows businesses to deploy infrastructure with no upfront capital costs with full flexibility to scale up or down based on individual business needs. Nutanix’s Beam technology provides tools for visibility on the cost implications and the ability to optimize where resources are deployed. Nutanix Calm technology also allows for moving to a self-service model by creating application templates and allowing on-demand deployment.

Lenovo and Nutanix are committed to bringing you optimized cloud solutions to support your business continuity needs spanning several environments across Cloud, VDI, virtualization, DevOps, and mission-critical applications like SAP HANA, and are here to help you navigate your course to a smarter normal. 

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