Improve Patient Engagement and Staff Productivity with Nutanix End User Computing Solutions

May 12, 2020 | min

This eighth blog in our series on end-user computing (EUC) explores the benefits of VDI and DaaS for Healthcare. Nutanix global head of vertical industries marketing, Tapan Mehta, shares his thoughts on the importance of EUC in clinical settings, and discusses how Nutanix helps healthcare organizations succeed.

The healthcare industry continues to undergo rapid changes, putting increasing pressure on healthcare organizations to embrace innovation to improve the quality of patient care and reduce operational expenses. Security, regulatory compliance, and mobility are among the top priorities for healthcare CIOs, CTOs, and IT teams. EUC is critical not only for solving the mobility problem and delivering a better user experience, but also for improving security and simplifying regulatory compliance. 


Healthcare IT teams are tasked to support a large number of caregivers and supporting staff while providing access to hundreds of healthcare applications.  Many of these workers are highly mobile, moving from room to room and between facilities. It’s difficult or impossible to have up-to-date computing systems in every location with the specialized software to meet the diverse requirements of doctors, nurses, physical and respiratory therapists, and many others.

Many healthcare organizations were early adopters of VDI technology for exactly this reason. With VDI, clinicians can gain quick access to their desktop environments and applications from any location. 

However, many existing VDI installations were built using traditional legacy infrastructure with separate servers, storage, and networking. These systems are prone to performance problems and are difficult to scale and manage. 

Blog 3 in this series explained how Nutanix HCI solves VDI challenges like these. Nutanix HCI: 

  • Delivers great VDI performance without constant tuning
  • Reduces complexity
  • Enables efficient infrastructure provisioning
  • Provides predictable, linear scaling as infrastructure is added
  • Powers VDI software from Citrix and VMware at scale

Nutanix makes it simpler and faster to install new applications, manage OS updates and patches, and provision or deprovision users. Whether you’re refreshing an existing VDI installation or starting a new project, Nutanix can reduce your project planning time and accelerate time to production. 

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare approached Nutanix because its existing legacy environment was difficult to manage and scale. Nutanix decreased management by approximately 5x with a single interface for everything, reduced software upgrade cycles from two months to less than a day, and significantly reduced IT silos.

Security and Regulatory Compliance are Non-Negotiable

Data privacy, security, and HIPAA compliance are all critical for healthcare, making full desktops problematic.  IT teams race to disable USB ports and CD-ROM drives and ensure end-users are logged out automatically to limit exposure. 

VDI enables data access without storing critical patient data on local devices, and access is controlled using modern authentication and authorization technology.  Unlike legacy infrastructure solutions, Nutanix HCI is designed from the ground up to be secure. VDI solutions built on Nutanix HCI enable healthcare organizations to avoid breaches, meet compliance (including HIPAA), and exceed certification requirements. 

In any organization, one of the major risks is software and firmware that isn’t up to date, leaving known vulnerabilities unpatched. Nutanix One-Click upgrades make it far simpler to keep Nutanix operating software, hypervisors, and firmware updated, reducing this risk.

Additionally, Nutanix delivers native high availability and disaster recovery. In the event of a component failure, node failure, rack failure, or an entire datacenter outage, Nutanix resiliency and data protection features help maintain mission-critical levels of availability. Simply put, Nutanix improves information security.

A Smarter Choice for Healthcare EUC

Nutanix serves more than 1,500 healthcare customers globally. Some notable customers include University of Wisconsin Health, Anne Arundel Medical Center, and NHS Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Notably, Epic, a key industry partner, is also a Nutanix customer. Nutanix helps healthcare IT organizations of all sizes successfully virtualize desktops and applications to support any user anywhere on any device. 

Healthcare organizations choose Nutanix solutions over alternatives for their simplicity and flexibility, as well as the company’s exceptional customer service. Nutanix benefits include:

  • Ease-of-operations: Deliver applications at scale with simple one-click deployment, upgrades, scaling, troubleshooting and more.
  • Choice: With flexible licensing and consumption models and the ability to choose among many hardware and virtualization vendors, Nutanix provides customers the flexibility needed to grow, scale, and achieve their organization’s goals.
  • Customer Focus: Nutanix is obsessed with ensuring the success of its customers. This has resulted in the company achieving an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90 for the past six years.

At Nutanix, not only have we built a secure and resilient IT environment, but we’ve also developed a way for you to try it for free. True to the zero-touch approach, you can take a test drive of the Nutanix infrastructure with no hardware or manual setup. Click below and explore an entirely new way of managing your infrastructure, applications, and data. To learn more about how Nutanix is helping healthcare organizations improve patient engagement and staff productivity, please visit

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