Even Greater Customer Choice: Expansion of the HPE-Nutanix Partnership

June 22, 2020 | min

A year into the global partnership between Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Nutanix, we’ve seen new product and solution offerings, new customer promotions, and growing customer orders.

The partnership has ramped successfully in just over three quarters of shipments. In fact, in our most recent quarterly earnings discussion with Wall Street analysts, Nutanix CFO Dustin Williams noted that the annual contract value of Nutanix’s HPE DX-related business was up 16 percent on a quarter-over-quarter basis.

The new capabilities further expand customer choice, including additional configurations, use cases, and workloads for HPE ProLiant DX with Nutanix. The new options include:

  • AMD-based systems offering better price/performance for OLTP and VDI workloads
  • Ruggedized systems for harsh computing environments
  • Certified SAP ERP systems
  • Higher capacity storage for unstructured data
  • Turnkey data protection with popular backup software
objects security layer

Better Price/Performance Economics with AMD EPYC processors in the HPE ProLiant DX385 system

The new generation of AMD EPYC 7002 server processors in the HPE ProLiant DX systems have leap-frogged the capabilities of other industry standard architecture processors and given customers unprecedented gains in performance for the price paid. The benefit is that customers can buy fewer systems and still complete the work they need to get done faster than before.  This is delivered through AMD EPYC’s high processor core counts per socket, coupled with an extensive number of I/O channels for native connectivity to storage. As a result, common business workloads such as online transaction processing, data analytics, and virtual desktop infrastructure all run more quickly at a better cost of ownership. Nutanix Acropolis fully supports this new AMD EPYC processor family with AOS 5.17.  The HPE ProLiant DX385 systems using the AMD EPYC 7002 processors are expected to be orderable by late July, for deliveries starting in calendar Q3.


Computing for the toughest environments with HPE ProLiant DX8000

Next in the series of new offerings is the HPE ProLiant DX8000, with up to 4 Proliant DX910 server blades. This is a ruggedized system fully capable of running enterprise applications by using the same Intel Xeon processors used in business critical systems, but designed for installations in harsh environments outside the traditional datacenter.  It can withstand wider temperatures and constant vibration typical of outdoor or motorized deployments. Furthermore, its compact form factor fits in tighter spaces where size, weight, and power availability are constrained. What fully unleashes the potential of the DX8000 is the simplicity and resiliency that Nutanix software delivers. By having a complete environment that consolidates compute, storage, networking, and virtualization management, the system is quick to deploy--just a few clicks.  Furthermore, it is easy to scale capacity by adding more nodes that auto-join the resource pool. The Nutanix software also provides self-healing in its ability to re-route traffic and continue working even with failed nodes or storage devices, and fully recover the management stack without operator intervention. Lastly, it is so intuitive to manage with its clean, one-click operation management interface that deep IT expertise is not needed. This simplicity is especially helpful for installations that are located far from central IT.  Thus the personnel at the remote locations can spend their time focusing on executing the mission rather than administering the compute infrastructure. Typical deployments are for defense and telecommunications, where computing must occur near the actual activity rather than being transmitted back to a central datacenter.  Other likely uses include manufacturing, oil and gas exploration, and emerging IoT needs.

sap global

Peace of Mind in Running Business Critical Applications with SAP HANA In-Memory Database and NetWeaver Certification on HPE ProLiant DX560

Last month in May 2020 Nutanix and HPE achieved certification by SAP for HANA In-Memory Database and NetWeaver. Certification demonstrates that thorough testing of the complete hardware and software stack has been completed, and that a mutually committed support process between HPE, Nutanix, and SAP is in place to quickly address customer needs. Customers can rest assured that their SAP deployments on the recently introduced 2-processor socket HPE DX380 and the 4-processor socket, large memory footprint HPE ProLiant DX560 systems with Nutanix software are fully validated and supported in conjunction with SAP.


Larger Capacity for Storing Massive Unstructured Data with HPE ProLiant DX4200 

Introduced late last year, the HPE ProLiant DX4200 is optimized to store large amounts of file- and object-based data, as well as serve as a destination for data back-up and big data analytics.  Through a recent enhancement in Nutanix Acropolis, the storage-dense DX4200 can now provide up to 240TB per node capacity for Nutanix Files deployments. This means that petabytes of unstructured data can be easily stored in a cluster of nodes without having to set up a separately managed and maintained infrastructure to store file and object data.  Furthermore, the uniquely stacked, easily serviceable 2U design of the hardware chassis saves datacenter space, with up to 24 large form factor hot-plug drives.

nutanix mine

Simple, Turnkey Integrated Data Backup with Nutanix Mine on HPE ProLiant DX

Now available with integration with either Veeam or HYCU backup software, Nutanix Mine provides a simple, easily managed backup solution for customers running on HPE ProLiant DX systems. Nutanix Mine enables customers to unify their primary storage and secondary data protection operations, and deliver one-click simplicity for all of their backup infrastructure through the intuitive Nutanix Prism management interface.

All HPE ProLiant DX-related datacenter hardware and software products benefit from the simplicity of the Nutanix Prism single management console. Built-in one-click operations for hardware and software updates, as well as capacity expansion, dramatically eases the lifecycle management (LCM) for sysadmins, giving them their nights and weekends back.

A recent HPE ProLiant DX customer, Scott Zemke, Director of IT at Airetech, said “The synergy between Nutanix HCI software and HPE server has been good for our business. Since implementation, we’ve been able to rapidly scale our IT infrastructure with minimal management and reduce our operating costs, which is vital in today’s economic environment.

Learn about these innovations and much more at the HPE Discover Virtual Experience online user conference, June 23-25.  Click here to register.  This free event includes walk through live demos and chat online with Nutanix experts.

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