Professional Services

Consulting Services Workshop Documentation Options

Nutanix provides design documents as part of our Consulting Services workshop offerings. Three sets of workshop documentation options are available:

  Workshop Only Standard Documentation Enhanced Documentation
Configuration or Migration Workbook
Design Document  
High-level Design or Migration presentation  
Deployment or Migration Plan  
Deployment or Migration Test Plan  
Deployment or Migration Plan with Screen Captures    
Deployment or Migration Test Plans with Screen Captures    
Customer-supplied templates    

Workshop Documentation Options

Workshop Only: For customers interested only in a design workshop. Includes a configuration or migration workbook outlining configuration settings after the workshop is completed. Delivered using standard Nutanix templates written in English.

Standard Documentation: Includes everything customers need to begin, implement, and complete their project. This is a comprehensive documentation set and is a customer favorite. Delivered using standard Nutanix templates written in English.

Enhanced Documentation: For customers with complex documentation requirements. This documentation set provides additional details and the option to use customer-supplied templates written in English. This option provides the most flexibility, with additional customization possible at Nutanix discretion.