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Drive Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Whether your focus is upstream, midstream, or downstream operations, driving digital transformation has become a business imperative in the face of weak prices and tepid macro-economic conditions.

Nutanix Powers All Deployments

Enable Simplicity, Scale, and Savings

Meet the performance and cyber security requirements of the energy and utilities industries with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Built on a web-scale architecture, Nutanix HCI can be easily scaled for a wide range of workloads across both core data centers and field sites, while simultaneously lowering power, cooling, and space costs. By alleviating data acquisition and application bottlenecks, organizations gain the freedom to focus on innovation—including transformational opportunities in big data and analytics, modernized business applications, IoT, and more.

Powering the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas industry presents numerous demanding applications—from exploration & production (upstream), to pipelines & transportation (midstream), through refining (downstream), to retail . Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is a unified IT operating environment that melds private, public, distributed, and edge clouds, providing a single point of control for managing infrastructure and applications with one-click simplicity. Choose the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to drive digital transformation and alleviate data and application bottlenecks far more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional IT infrastructure.

Driving Efficiencies within Utilities

Energy companies face large challenges, from operating and upgrading grids, to modernizing monitoring and billing, to enabling renewable technologies. By powering their regulated and emerging businesses with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, utilities are ensuring that their significant investments in IT are working directly to improve competitiveness and optimize operations.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Advantage

Modernize IT operations and retain control of the security of proprietary data while moving to the cloud with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Manage Complex Data

Maximize compute, storage, and performance using the award-winning Nutanix architecture, including the Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric.

Scale as Needed

Start small and scale linearly to support diverse workloads in both core datacenters and challenging environments, like offshore oil rigs, land rigs, and other remote sites.

Streamline IT Infrastructure

Reduce IT management cost with automation, app-centric data protection, smart analytics, and insight into your infrastructure and applications.

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Transform with Intelligent Edge and IoT

Nutanix Xi IoT can help energy companies gain a competitive advantage and maximize the return on their assets. Learn how your organization can transform data ingest, real time analysis, and drive action from oil sites to retail locations.

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Drive Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Whether your focus is upstream, midstream, or downstream operations, driving digital transformation has become a business imperative in the face of weak prices and tepid macro-economic conditions.

Nutanix Accelerates Transformation for the Utilities Industry

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