Purpose-Built Backup and Recovery for Nutanix

HYCU raises the simplicity bar with the only backup and recovery software purpose-built for Nutanix

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HYCU delivers 360° Data Protection Simplicity for Nutanix

We tapped into 25 years of expertise and insights from millions of users to bring you surprisingly simple, fully reliable application and data protection for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Learn HYCU for Nutanix in less than four minutes, deploy in three, recover in two, backup in one.

Done Before You Know It

No more bolt-on, legacy backup and recovery products that dilute Nutanix simplicity. Enjoy Nutanix look and feel, native integration, and a hypervisor-agnostic architecture as you seamlessly manage and protect across virtualized environments.

Automated Application Focus

No more partially-recovered applications. HYCU uniquely sees through VMs to discover where every application is running, initiates single-click backup, and automates application-specific recovery workflows.

Stress-Free Operations

No more waiting. Our self-service portal empowers application owners to quickly backup and recover application data. And with our error-proof tools, and backup to cloud and NAS, you’ll rest easy.

Secure your Backups With Nutanix and HYCU

Nutanix Objects with HYCU isn’t just a cost-efficient backup solution, but also the most robust and secure data protection solution that stops ransomware at a fraction of the cost compared to its competitive counterparts.

Adventist Risk Management Data Protection Infrastructure

GigaOM Use Case Analysis

Learn how Adventist Risk Management enabled a seamless integration between the Nutanix and HYCU platforms that further enhanced the user experience even as it increased overall system performance and efficiency.

Intuit Technologies

“With HYCU, it was love at first sight. Its simplicity, elegance, and power make it the ideal backup and recovery solution for Nutanix..”

- Ben Sharp, Infrastructure Manager and Solutions Architect

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