Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

Nutanix Cloud Clusters on AWS (NC2A): Reactions from Customers, Partners and Industry Analysts


Australian Bureau of Statistics

“The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia's national statistical agency, responsible for, among other things, the Australian Census. The Census is Australia's largest peacetime logistical operation and the increased IT demand needed to support this Census project is one of the main reasons we looked at hybrid cloud platforms. They provide the flexibility and agility needed to adapt to significant spikes in demand. We were already Nutanix customers, running our VDI and analytical workloads in our datacenter, and also use AWS. A single hybrid cloud solution to manage multiple clouds will make it easier to scale our IT needs. NC2 provides a seamless way to burst capacity into public clouds to increase our VDI workloads when needed to support Census activities, while knowing all our apps will just work – without needing to repackage or rearchitect them.”

—Julian Doak, CISO at the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Penn National Insurance

“At Penn National Insurance, we were looking for a new solution to support our VDI workloads to ensure business continuity if our primary datacenter suffers from a disaster event. NC2 allows us to easily create a hybrid and multicloud environment spanning our Nutanix datacenter and AWS, so that we can very rapidly burst capacity in AWS when needed to quickly restore our workloads from a backup. On top of the flexibility that this solution provides, the ability to use our existing AWS networking setup made the NC2 deployment very easy while delivering the expected performance. Now we know we can expand VDI capacity with one-click, and hibernate our hybrid cloud workloads when not in use, so we only pay for the capacity we need.”

—Craig Wiley, Sr Infrastructure Systems Architect at Penn National Insurance

SB C&S (SoftBank Group)

“SB C&S welcomes the launch of NC2 and is excited to deliver the solution and its benefits to our customers. NC2 enables customers to build hybrid cloud environments without spending months or years to re-architect systems and applications. It gives customers agility and seamless operation using a single management framework when migrating from on-prem to cloud environments. We believe NC2 will be a core component of Nutanix enterprise cloud portfolio and well embraced by IT organizations.”

—Yasuo Mizoguchi, President and CEO, SB C&S (SoftBank Group)

University of Tokyo

“The University of Tokyo Information Technology Center’s mission is to design, procure, and stably operate the university- and nation-wide infrastructures critical for research and education. We have stringent requirements for our IT infrastructure to ensure flexibility, resiliency and scalability and have long worked with Nutanix to power our datacenters. With NC2 we can now add the ability to burst into public cloud when we need additional resources, like in the event of an outage or maintenance event, without rearchitecting our applications. This will be a significant step in helping ensure business continuity while maximizing our existing investments.”

—Prof. Yuji Sekiya, University of Tokyo, Information Technology Center


“Wipro has extensive industry experience in managing and running business critical applications in a cloud agnostic architecture. We have leveraged NC2 as the underlying cloud infrastructure platform to deliver our technology services. It provides us with a critical component of hybrid cloud - a truly unified management plane across private and public clouds. NC2 provides us the flexibility of running applications in the cloud while reducing the networking overhead by using our existing AWS setup making our deployment quick and efficient. Together with Nutanix we are confident of offering the best in class technology services in a hybrid cloud environment for customers’ digital transformation.”

—Satish Yadavalli, Vice President – Cloud and Infrastructure Services at Wipro Ltd



“We are excited to support an extension of a customer’s private cloud environment into AWS with the launch of NC2A. This provides customers the flexibility to get the most out of both their AWS and Nutanix environments. Customers now have an opportunity to take advantage of NC2A to deploy adjacent to their cloud-native applications in AWS and fast track their digital transformation.”

—Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at Amazon Web Services, Inc.


“AMD and Nutanix are collaborating to shift the ecosystem for hyperconverged infrastructure to capitalize on the performance and efficiency of AMD EPYC processors. With NC2A, enterprises will soon be able to leverage the capabilities of AMD EPYC processors in private cloud  and public cloud deployments. AMD and Nutanix are investing and co-innovating to expand our joint offerings and are exploring future integration with key technologies, including AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization.”

—Dan McNamara, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Server Business Unit, AMD


Citrix enables the future of work through digital workspaces that provide secure, reliable access to the applications and information people need to get work done wherever they happen to be – at home, in the office or on the road. Through our partnership with Nutanix, businesses can rapidly deploy and manage Citrix® Virtual Apps and Desktops™ [] in any environment - including public clouds like AWS with NC2 or their own datacenters – and gain the flexibility and agility required to survive today and thrive tomorrow.”

—Tim Minahan, EVP of Business Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Citrix


“We are excited to collaborate with Nutanix to bring the value of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric ®(ECX Fabric ®) to enterprises worldwide as they accelerate their cloud strategies with NC2A.  ECX Fabric is a scalable and secure way for digital businesses to take advantage of NC2A as they integrate everything they need to create their digital futures."

—Bill Long, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Equinix


“Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Nutanix is a strategic platform for organizations to simplify deployment across a range of choices of private, public, and edge cloud infrastructure environments. With the availability of NC2A, our partnership potential expands even further -- poised to fuel our customers hybrid and multicloud IT strategies.”

—Olivier Delachapelle - Head of Category Management, Products Sales Europe at Fujitsu


“When customers select Nutanix SW for their HCI environment, they are preferring HPE ProLiant DX, the world’s most secure industry standard server portfolio, to run their most critical workloads from the edge to the cloud. With NC2A and HPE ProLiant DX servers, customers can now deploy a fully integrated solution delivered as an appliance or as-a-service through HPE GreenLake cloud services.”

—Neil MacDonald, SVP & GM, HPE Compute


“Intel has been co-innovating with Nutanix for many years to deliver high-performance infrastructure solutions with the Nutanix HCI software utilizing the Intel Xeon processors and Intel solid-state drives. Nutanix HCI already runs efficiently with Intel technologies whether that is in a customer’s datacenter, in a service provider cloud or in the Nutanix Cloud. With NC2 we are excited to bring our joint technology innovations to the Nutanix and AWS Hybrid cloud.”

—Greg Ernst, Vice President of North American Sales, Intel


“A deep engineering partnership and focus on solutions and service between Lenovo and Nutanix is providing our customers with a best-in-class hyperconverged solution with Lenovo ThinkAgile HX systems for workloads like blockchain, VDI and SAP HANA. Innovations like NC2A enable customers to leverage the simplicity and ease of deployment across private and public clouds, helping our mutual customers to quickly scale and enable a consistent hybrid cloud strategy across their organizations.”

—Kirk Skaugen, Executive Vice President, Lenovo and President, Lenovo Data Center Group


“NC2 provides our customers with a truly hybrid experience. Whether customers want to deploy Nutanix on-premises or in the public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same familiarity, ease of use, and integration exists with NC2. Customers can also natively integrate with public cloud services that they already use.”

—Vinu Thomas, CTO, Presidio


“We are very excited to integrate our resource savings server technology with NC2 to create optimized hybrid and multi-cloud environments,” said Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro. “Combined with our Building Blocks Solution® design methodology, Supermicro offers one of the world’s most energy-efficient server platforms with performance, cost, logistics and service advantages.  Our customers will simplify their cloud journey with Nutanix, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Supermicro using the best-in-class multi-cloud solutions for their enterprise workloads.”

—Charles Liang, president and CEO of Supermicro

Yotta Infrastructure Solutions

“To offer the latest and best in cloud computing, we are excited to partner with Nutanix. This far-reaching partnership will enable Yotta to offer latest and innovative cloud solutions for Enterprises to run their critical workloads on and off premises,” said Sunil Gupta, managing partner and CEO of Yotta Infrastructure Solutions. “The general availability of NC2A gives our customers a flexible and secure Hybrid Cloud solution that leverages the technological prowess and experience of three industry leaders.”

—Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner and CEO of Yotta Infrastructure Solutions


“We believe that in today’s cloud era IT organizations need hybrid clouds that truly unify private and public cloud operations to meet the agility and scalability needs of their business critical workloads. We are thrilled to incorporate NC2 in our Digital Foundations Services reference architecture giving IT complete freedom to use AWS and private cloud resources without any lock-in. This will accelerate the ability of our customers to scale their critical workloads, such as high performance databases, on-demand and in a zero touch fashion.”

—Harjott Atrii, Executive Vice President and Global Head, Zensar Digital Foundation Services

Industry Analysts


The distributed nature of modern IT environments creates significant challenges for the digital initiatives that many businesses want to adopt. Managing both on-premises and cloud-based services and applications can result in separate infrastructure management teams for each environment, which slows innovation. The NC2 ability to manage hybrid and multicloud environments as a single entity gives IT teams a truly elastic environment spanning on-premises and multiple public clouds. This enables a single IT team to scale whichever environment makes the most sense for the business based on cost, performance, or availability.”

—Bob Laliberte, Practice Director & Senior Analyst, ESG



“Although public cloud adoption is progressing rapidly, less than 20% of total IT expenditure was allocated to public cloud in 2019 according to the Gartner IT Budget Benchmark. Some workloads must remain private due to regulatory, compliance, physical location or other requirements. Organizations must develop a strategy for modernizing private workloads in addition to their public cloud adoption strategy. To accelerate their cloud journeys organizations need technology solutions that can help them address key operational and technical challenges that arise from managing both public and private environments, including legacy app migration and unified operations across clouds.”

—Gartner, The Many Faces of Private Cloud, January 2020, Alan Waite, Sr Director Analyst.


 “According to IDC research, by 2022 over 90% of enterprises worldwide will be relying on a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs. The current work from home situation is accelerating adoption of cloud as enterprises look to mitigate future disruptions by being more secure, flexible, agile, and resilient. We see NC2 addressing a key pain point of hybrid/multi-cloud computing by extending the simplicity and flexibility of Nutanix HCI to public clouds, while also delivering unified operations and seamless application migration.”


—Ashish Nadkarni, Group VP, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies, IDC