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Go Beyond HCI to Build Your Private Cloud


Modernize Your IT with Industry-Leading Hyperconverged Infrastructure


Go Beyond HCI to Build Your Private Cloud


Manage Multi-Cloud Operations and Services

Hyperconverged infrastructure eliminates the complexity of providing compute and storage across sites, and makes application delivery easier and less costly.

But as organizations mature and look to achieve their digital transformation goals, they also want the benefits of a private cloud. Nutanix delivers a common software OS to run, secure, and automate all of your applications, as well as to consolidate unstructured file-based data storage into a single solution helping IT teams deliver on the promise of private cloud.

"By moving to Nutanix, all of our applications and database servers experienced an instant octane boost."

David Luke, Director of IT Engineering at International Speedway Corporation

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Nutanix Files

Consolidate Storage Silos

Many organizations have multiple storage systems managed as separate silos by specialized teams. These storage products are complex and costly to manage, and suffer from long refresh cycles that slow IT innovation.

Nutanix Files is a software-defined, scale-out file storage solution for unstructured file data that is highly available and massively scalable for a wide range of deployments and applications. Files is natively integrated into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, and eliminates the need for a separate NAS appliance by providing a consolidated solution with unified management for VM and enterprise file services.

Nutanix Files

Enhance Security

Business applications need better traffic governance; controlling what traffic can reach sensitive workloads in order to protect against both internal and external threats – but without re-architecting the datacenter network.

Nutanix Flow simplifies network and policy management with a focus towards applications – enabling applications and environments to be governed independent of the physical infrastructure. It delivers advanced networking and security services that allow you to gain visibility and granular control, leading to better application function and security posture.

Nutanix Flow
Nutanix Flow
Nutanix Calm

Automate IT Workflows

IT staff get consumed by repetitive, low-value tasks like updating software, configuring servers and adding capacity to existing environments. These processes are often exhausting and error-prone, detracting IT teams from their core mission.

Nutanix Calm adds native application orchestration and lifecycle management to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. It helps you build your private cloud by providing advanced application management that turns common tasks into repeatable automations accessible to all IT teams, without giving up control across the infrastructure stack.

Nutanix Calm

Better Manage IT Operations

IT and application teams need better visibility into infrastructure demands now and in the future. You need to be spending less time managing and more time innovating.

Nutanix Prism is an end-to-end management solution that streamlines and automates common workflows, eliminating the need for multiple management solutions across datacenter operations. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism analyzes system data to generate actionable insights for optimizing virtualization and infrastructure management. It also enables you to be more strategic and better prepared with capacity planning and scheduled reporting capabilities.

Nutanix Prism
Nutanix Prism

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