Technology Alliances

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger, a product of Tvisha Systems, was built for the enterprises' internal team communication and work collaboration. It helps you connect with your co-workers via chat, audio-video calls, and conferences to discuss your daily work, projects, operations, and work routines. SaaS, on-premise, APIs, custom apps, white labeling, etc., are delivery models which can be opted for by the users as per their organization structure and need.

Everything is cleanly presented on the UI. The users can customize the UI as they want it to be by changing the chat background with wallpapers, fonts and formats, and a chat list layout. You have filters to narrow down images, videos, text files, flagged messages, and other items from the chat area.

Troop Messenger helps schedule Adhoc or planned virtual meetings with internal employees and external company stakeholders to exchange business conversations for unlimited time. It uses world-class military-grade security protocols such as AES-256 to encrypt chats, calls, conferences, and files. You can further robust the data security of your ecosystem with its LDAP/SSO, Audit controls, Multi-Factor Authentication, Burnout, Role-Based Access Controls, Units, On-premise deployment on Linux and Window Server infrastructure, and End-to-End Encryption.

Benefits of the partnership with Nutanix to End Users:

  1. Lower total cost of ownership.
  2. Management and mobility across public, private, and distributed edge clouds
  3. Resilient and scalable to power all workloads
  4. Improve operational efficiency with built-in services, including native file services, integrated application marketplace, block storage capabilities and more.
  5. Empowers IT teams to use best-of-breed technology for their mission - without vendor lock-in.
  6. Faster Time to Market because of ultra-quick infra setup
  7. Substantial modernization of traditional Siloed approach. No need to have storage arrays or SAN Switches.
  8. Single HCI Cluster to provide Block, File (NAS) as well as Object storage capabilities.
  9. No Single point of failure. Infrastructure heals and grows seamlessly.
  10. High performance for underlying applications and database
  11. No specialized manpower needed to manage the operations.
  12. Ready and conducive for next generation applications/technologies like containers, Kubernetes, mongoDB, Hbase etc.
  13. Highly reliable security at par with best security agencies of the world (like US department of defense)
  14. Expand the infrastructure when you need the resources without any bottlenecks or limitations
  15. Lower datacenter and ecological footprint
  16. No downtime to perform upgrades of infrastructure
  17. Data compression, de-duplication, encryption, erasure coding etc. available.
  18. Single console to manage compute, virtualization & storage.
  19. Start small and grow big over time. Keep scaling along with Troop Messenger user scale
  20. Replication available to DR site/cloud