Storware is a Polish producer of an enterprise data backup and recovery system characterized by stability and excellent integration possibilities. It secures data of virtual machines, containers, and cloud environments, including Microsoft 365, applications, and storage providers. Moreover, Storware enables corporate data to be stored in multiple backup destinations, such as file systems and object storage, and can act as a proxy for enterprise backup providers. It offers support for the largest number of vendors on the market, both open and commercial. Storware successfully offers products through the worldwide distribution and partner channel. The Company was set up in 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. Learn more at

Here are main benefits of the Storware Backup and Recovery solution:

  • Agentless and scalable
  • Support for open and commercial virtual environments under one license
  • Simplified disaster recovery with recovery plans
  • Support for multiple backup destinations: local filesystem or a NFS/CIFS share, object storage (cloud providers) or enterprise backup providers
  • Backups can be stored in a flexible way – using file system, object storage or backup solutions from Dell, IBM, Veritas or Micro Focus
  • Air-Gap Data Protection using isoLayer (NFS4.2 remote Linux system) or Rubrik Managed Volumes
  • Support and dedicated licensing (per compute node) for container environments
  • Flexible licensing to achieve the best ROI (per Host, per VM, per TB)
  • Available language versions: English, Chinese, Spanish, German
  • High-quality global support 24/7/365
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